Attaching files to ordered products

File attachments are a perfect solution for stores, that offer personalized products. If you run such a store, you can quicken and facilitate handling such orders, thus limiting the possibility of troublesome mistakes occurrences.

Order-placing process for products like T-shirts with prints, mugs with photos or cups with engravings can be very complicated. After placing an order in a store, a customer needs to send graphic files by e-mail (and find adequate address on the store contact page). A seller needs to assign incoming materials to corresponding orders and hand them over for further processing. The entire process is too complex and not effective.

In the you have a great solution to this problem. You can use file attaching module available in the shopping basket. Encourage your customers to add necessary graphics and descriptions to products they are ordering before even placing the order. If it is, for example, a t-shirt with inscription/print, suggest your customer to attach a JPG file or a company logo in EPS/CDR format. Additional notes and remarks on sizes can be put into additional PDF or DOC file.


File-attaching module is, of course, fully secured. System will reject potentially dangerous files (.exe, scripts etc.). Also too large files (more than 10MB) will be rejected. You do not have to worry about receiving a virus or other malicious software.


When a customer confirms an order, all files become available for you in the administration panel. You can browse them or download them to your hard drive. Without unnecessary mails and with no risk of making a mistake. Attachments are directly tied to an indicated product from the order.


  • Order confirmation - a customer may check both a comment and an attachment before confirming an order
  • Order details - shop staff can preview, download or delete the attached files. Comments are highlighted in red.

Technical details

  • Adding multiple attachments: yes,
  • Maximum file size: 10MB,
  • Accepted file types:
    • graphics – jpg, gif, bmp, png, tiff, cdr and other,
    • text documents – pdf, doc, odt, txt and other,
  • Not accepted file types: exe, com, swf, js, php,
  • Files are stored to be previewed for a year after the order is placed.