Easy-to-use management of store templates

The appearance of the online store is one of the most key elements to achieve high sales. At IdoSell Shop, you have an intuitive and full-featured tool within which you can perform all operations related to the visual layer of the store. With his help, you can easily customize all aspects of the store template to suit your needs.

Templates management allows to perform a number of operations regarding the visual layer of the store. Using the tool in an extremely simple way, you will choose the right store template from free STANDARD templates or owned individual templates. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can easily edit template and change colours. You can determine the direction of changes with A/B testing and then carry out template translation for expansion into new markets. The module can be found in MODERATION / Templates management.

A quick guide on the options available on the screen:

  • Change template allows to change the look of your store from the mini gallery level. Each of the templates is presented in the form of a miniature, so you can easily choose the one that best suits your store. On the list you will find templates STANDARD, if you have one - individual templates and templates customized in supported by us language SMARTY. In addition, from the same list you can download new templates instantly and update and edit existing ones. You will find all of it in one intuitive place.
  • Translation will allow you to open the store to new markets by changing the texts in the template depending on the client's language. With one option, you can easily download existing translations and graphics in a number of formats, and then upload them to the store. Thanks to this, you can quickly adapt to the markets in which you operate, after choosing a new template for your store. You will learn everything about translations from the recently published webinar on translation methods in IdoSell Shop.