Using Smarty templates to modify IdoSell Shop look and feel

If you would like to make changes to your shop's front end yourself, we have the perfect solution for you. In order to take advantage of full customisation capabilities, you can now create and edit Smarty templates.

IdoSell Shop provides different ways to implement visual and technical changes. You can find the list of available options below - from making simple changes through the administration panel, all the way to the ability to create an entirely custom and personalised look & feel for your store.

Different ways to modify the look & feel of IdoSell Shop

  • choosing a template from the STANDARD collection - allows you to pick and choose the presentation of different areas in your store, based on preference. All templates in the STANDARD collection are always kept up to date with the latest IdoSell Shop functionality, at no extra cost.
  • making changes through the Administration Panel - many settings related to, e.g. text layout, image and banner position, message content, can be easily configured in the panel. Making such changes does not require any advanced technical skills.
  • modifying the graphical style of templates available in the STANDARD collection - the template edit module allows you to modify every text element and graphical aspect of a template. Using this method requires some working knowledge of cascading style sheets (CSS).
  • letting IdoSell Shop's expert Designers and Programmers implement changes for you - we possess unparalleled experience in making even the most complicated requirements a reality. At the same time, we always ensure the highest level of usability and compatibility with other parts of our system. The result is a profesionally designed custom template.
  • NEW: making advanced changes, or creating a whole new template using Smarty

If you would like to try out the advanced capabilities of Smarty templates, you should make yourself familiar with information on how to start using them in your shop, and documentation available in the Developer's section.

You can earn money by creating and managing Smarty templates for IdoSell Shop users

If you are a webmaster, developer or a creative agency, and would like to offer your services to thousands of potential clients, who already use Smarty templates with IdoSell Shop - please contact us.

In order to ensure the highest quality of service for our clients, we only partner with developers who can demonstrate good skills and professionalism.