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How to modify the entire look & feel of your IdoSell Shop using Smarty templates

Take advantage of the advanced configuration possibilities. Create a personalised look for your store, completely cost free.

The Smarty engine allows you to create custom web page templates. It allows for the necessary dynamic functionality, required to run an online shop, to be implemented. The Smarty technology is very popular - a large number of webmasters, programmers, freelancers and creative agencies includes it in their portfolio. We chose Smarty also because it allows us to efficiently validate security of the templates, before making them available on the IdoSell Shop platform.

You can generate all the files required for a complete Smarty front-end, compatible with IdoSell Shop, through an option in the Administration Panel. The whole process of substituting an existing template with a Smarty one is described here, step by step.

The generated list of files includes everything you need to revolutionise the look & feel of the entire shop's front end, or to simply modify templates for particular sections of it (like the home page, product list, basket, news page, contact forms, and many more). Read on to find out how.

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