you can count on us when your shop needs changes.

The more quickly you respond to market demands, the faster your income will grow! designers and program developers will implement your ideas with pleasure and smile. The most important thing - no more problems, risks of faulty implementation and gaps in your shop operations.

Designer at graphic team is a group of several experienced graphic designers that includes both designers and coders. This allows us to provide a complete service - starting with the consultations on the project guidelines, development of graphic design, coding projects into operating stores and ending with the audits and opinions on the shop upgrade. Our designers are people who have designed and implemented hundreds of on-line stores, so you can count on their experience in terms of usability and product presentation in your shop or wholesale store. We provide advice both in the preparation of the new store and minor changes made to improve customers convenience in store usage without having to stop it's current operations.

As additional works on shop mask you can always - at any moment of our cooperation - commission our specialist to:

  • Modify the entire design, i.e. make a new logo, change background color and pattern.
  • Add/Remove components, i.e. new zone for ads or banners, custom search tool on category subpage.
  • Changes made to layout of particular subpages. Rearrangement of components, i.e. two column layout, instead of three column one.
  • Redesign of entire on-line store, i.e. new assortment has arrived? Change appearance and visual content of on-line store or upgrade to more advanced variant.
  • Shop pages update, i.e. adding new subpage that will handle additional - added to panel - functions and features.
  • Works on the logos, i.e. preparing the company logo design, preparing the vector version of the logo for printing purposes.
  • Works on auctions templates, i.e. preparing and installing - in the panel - graphical auction template to use on eBay auctions.
  • Additional graphical commissions, i.e. preparing the business card design.

Each of tasks we will handle efficiently and cheaply. Thanks to graphic mask technology, modernization works are carried out in the background, without interrupting the current operations of the store. After the changes are made, you can test them yourself and decide whether you want to share the new version of the store with your customers.

How much does it cost?

Cost of one hour of graphic designer work is only £30/35€ net. The minimal commission time is half of hour.

The cost of each commissioned work is a direct result of working-hours number. If the change is simple, you pay very little. If it is more complicated, you pay more. With clear rules, you always know for what and how much you pay.

How to commission new task to the Graphics Department?

Services of our graphic designers are available only to customers. If you already have an on-line shop on platform, add a new ticket message from your administration panel. Direct the ticket to the Graphics Department directly, and it will be received by your shop handler. Remember to include as much information on the scope of changes and anticipated effect of the final design as possible. We welcome sketches, screen shots and examples from other websites. After receiving a set of guidelines, we will send you a project evaluation and, if necessary, additional questions about the changes.

How do the graphical changes proceed? Can I contact directly with the designer?

After the presentation of cost estimates and your acceptation of them, your commission will be handled by designated graphic designer. Any work that requires extensive changes in the design, will start with preparation of the page project with implemented changes. At this stage you can give us your comments and objections and the project will be improved. Remember that the design time is included in the commission cost, so the more precise guidelines and preparation notes you will give us, the faster and cheaper is the work. By default - when work is finished - the effects of changes are published in your store. If - for some reason - you do not want the changes to occur immediately after the design completion - tell the graphic designer about your will. He will leave new store appearance version at your disposal, so you can test and publish it when appropriate time comes. All the time you can communicate directly with the graphic designer through a special system of Ticket Messages. Shop handler assigned to your shop will be personally conducting the correspondence - on the look of your store and your commission's progress - with you.

How long does it usually take to complete commissioned tasks?

Current commissions are always placed in job queue of our graphic designers. All your commissions are usually handled by your store supervisor (it can however change, if you wish it to or situation demands quick reaction). Time to start execution of your task depends on how many tasks designer has in his queue currently. Waiting time usually varies from on to a dozen of days. Expected start and finish dates are always calculated automatically by the system and can be viewed by you in the task details.