Implementation case study - Epic Hero


SUPREME implementation package

Epic Hero offers patriotic T-shirts, as well as T-shirts with famous cartoon characters or their emblems. The image zone on the main page is prepared in such a way that it stretches even below the top menu, which gives the impression of space. In order to display products better, a special screen division was used on the details page, where the main photo is presented in the middle, name and description on the left side, and the shopping zone is located on the right. The whole image is completed by cartoon sketches scrolling in the background.

RWD store

A responsive store means a coherent design and full intuitiveness regardless of the device used by a customer in the shopping process.

Store designed in HTML5 standard

Using the latest standard allows for more varied and more powerful implementations of stores and mobile applications.

Browser compatibility

IdoSell online stores are optimized for the most popular web browsers.

Mobile app

Thanks to a mobile version of your online store, you get another sales and marketing channel.

Professional webmaster team

Our specialists take care of fast and effective implementation of the highest-quality store tailored to customer's needs.

Modern, versatile online shop engine

Thanks to a mobile version of your online store, you get another sales and marketing channel.


The implementation package perfect for people looking for completely unique and comprehensive solutions. Apart from individual graphics and functionalities, the implementation also includes data import. SUPREME implementation package means a comprehensive marketing message. Starting from coherent store, logos, e-mails, listing templates, newsletters, information subpages, ending on a photo gallery.

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