IdoSell Shop implementation for Barline and Tentrade

Meet Natalia, owner of the on-line outlet and warehouse. Read the story of

We would like to present you with a very spontaneous feedback we received from a satisfied customer of ours. We have tried to maintain the original style of Natalia's writing. Natalia is the owner of an on-line outlet with childrens clothing – Barline and a warehouse - Tentrade.

We are one of a kind not because we sell top children clothing brands, including Disney, Barbie, Hannahh Montana, Cars, Spiderman, Next..., not even due to the fact that we also sell top Women's and Men's brands. We specialise in both retail and wholesale – on a large scale. We are unique because you can dress your child from head to toe with us. Our rich offer includes over 5500 products: bodysuits, rompers, shoes, jackets, caps, shirts, tops, swimsuits, blouses, sweaters, pants, dresses, carnival costumes, backpacks, umbrellas and even pacifiers. We can stock up thanks to great relationships with our foreign suppliers. Therefore, our prices – for original, top clothing brands - are very attractive. We also offer express one day delivery options, together with very friendly and solid customer service. This is our outstanding outlet.

We have only one on-line store but IdoSell Shop gives us numerous possibilities for growth. We stamd for consolidation rather than division. However, opening another shop in the future is not out of the question. We have a local branch (250 sq m), located in Szczecin, Poland.

We've known your company for a few years and we've been following your impressively dynamic growth. As far as our cooperation is concerned, we decided to integrate our business with your software back in 2009. This short period of time has already proven that we can definitely bring our ideas to reality. We have almost no restrictions. Before we started using IdoSell Shop, we had used QSHO. For accounting we have been, and still continue to use SUBIEKT GT along with Rewizor.

Golly! If we had started working together a year earlier, we would have already been the leader, not only on the Polish but also European markets! It is not a joke at all. Automatsation of order handling, printing, stock management. Making all our ideas happen for really good prices. On top of that, the extremely nice and helpful customer service. Even though we tend to have plenty of questions, IdoSell Shop customer support is always friendly, prompt and on the point. What is also important, in the past we had been listing auctions on external services for around 250 products (5% of our offer) manually and without stock reservation. Today our auctions are listed automatically, with beautiful templates, and our stock levels are always synchronised!

Our previous ecommerce system was quite OK, but we could not wholly implement our ideas, extend our field of service, and generally felt restricted. At the moment – respect! Everything not posibble till now has been made available with IdoSell Shop! When we need a graphics change? No problem. Adding buttons and icons? Here you go. Links transfer? Of course. Adding new codes to the offer? Why not?! Automatic payment registration. Yes of course... etc.

Our service for wholesalers has also changed for the better. When you're dealing with over 200 wholesale customers, with constantly changing dynamics, it is very important that orders and prices are updated automatically. We used to do it manually which made instant order handling impossible. Our retail service was also not at its best. There was no possibility for order change. Now, everything just works! Unbelievable!!

With IdoSell Shop we could implement our plans and ideas. We have created an amazing shop, impressive in all areas: graphics, logistics, functionality, etc.. It is eye-catching but also very usable and practical. We have worked with very cool people who have been able able to realize our most crazy ideas perfectly and quickly. And they always helped out with their own advice. Our business image has improved immensely. Even our customers contact us and praise us for our new look, ease of navigation and nice layout.

I need to admit that we have never suffered from poor sales levels. We did not expect how quick and straightfoward it would be to increase our financial performance even further by switching to IdoSell Shop. We were also worried our shop would lose its position with Google, which turned out not to be an issue at all. Now, after only 4 months of cooperation we look to the future with excitement. SEO wise, we placed Top 10 without much hassle. Our sales flourish!

In conclusion, with IdoSell Shop you are in safe hands. Your plans, ideas and dreams can come true. I can say with confidence that IdoSell Shop is the best system we have ever had... You want more? Search for phrases like: odzież high school musical, ubranka barbie, tomek odzież – we are on the top.

Thanks to our hard work, good connections, ideas and, above all, the kindness of our clients, we have achieved a lot. Our plans and ambitions do not stop here though.. I will say one thing – with IdoSell Shop, even the most unreal dreams can come true.

Best wishes for the IdoSell Shop team and we thank you for being so kind ;)

Natalia Zajączkowska
June 2009

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