Europa Systems - a leading European manufacturer of intralogistics devices selects the IdoSell Shop for online sales and sales lead generation

‘’’We were looking for a solution that would combine two product groups and create a website that on one hand would be a good generator of sales leads to advanced systems and on the other, online store for components. Previously, the store operated on the Wordpress platform and did not meet our current and development expectations. IdoSell Shop service was chosen on the basis of the individual approach to the project, proffessional support, fast response to changes, specific and detailed pricing in the offer phase, as well as the ability to rely on the developed solutions in the offer, so I could see how they work.’’’ says Ilona Miziewicz - Groszczyk, Marketing and Business Development Director at Europa Systems.

Europa Systems is a leading European producer and integrator of automated systems and intralogistic devices that are used in production plants, warehouses and distribution centers. The company runs international sales on a global scale, and its online store connected with the Catalog is available in 3 language versions: Polish, German and English. The company's products are highly advanced technologies, tailor-made systems as well as components such as transport rollers and conveyors, or standard "run & go" devices ready for installation, such as automatic pallet storage.

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The main purpose of the Europa Systems website is getting sales leads for systems, which was possible thanks to the good information architecture. On the site you will find several different forms (from premium materials, to "callback" through the contact form with the choice of department and subject matter). Forms for Europa Systems have been individually designed and integrated with the SalesManago system. Contacts acquired automatically with specific tags are saved in the SalesManago database, and automatically from the IdoSell Shop platform an email is sent to various mailboxes defined at the form level for individual departments of Europa Systems. We wanted solutions which improve contact with a potential client, speed up responses to questions, so that in the shortest time the right ES Sales Engineer from a specific market, responsible for a specific product group, makes contact.' Says Ilona Miziewicz - Groszczyk, Marketing and Business Development Director at Europa Systems.

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Europa Systems operates in a B2B sector, the average order value (AOV) is around 30,000. euro, such an offer is hard to sell in the online store, but store may be a perfect "magnet" in activities related to product positioning, which are not sold via the Internet channel. The store's offer, or "products with prices", generates organic traffic and sells "products without prices". However, selling in the online store is not the main goal - generating leads for system sales is, that's why online store based on the product catalog combined with the online store works very well in our company - says Ilona Miziewicz-Groszczyk, Marketing and Business Development Director at Europa Systems.

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I treat the service as one entity, both information pages, forms on CMS pages and Catalog store. An undoubted advantage is that we have connected these two types of pages into one organism, thanks to which the user moves intuitively throughout the entire site. Usability of the site is excellent. For Back Office, the great feature is that they can add new products easily and intuitively, create new product groups and update the current offer. In the future, the next step will be the full automation of the offer with our ERP system, creating configurator of products - a marketplace for engineers - says Ilona Miziewicz - Groszczyk, Marketing and Business Development Director at Europa Systems

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