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Integrating online stores with SAP Business One

Since version 6.0, IdoSell Shop Bridge supports SAP Business One – the ERP program which is considered one of the best systems for large and medium-sized enterprises. By integrating your online store using IdoSell Shop Bridge, you can join hundreds of companies that benefit from SAP Business One. Both applications support multiple languages, giving you the opportunity to start selling abroad using the IdoSell Shop cloud.

What kind of companies is SAP Business One intended for?

SAP Business One provides modular business solutions that were developed based on the experience gained through several thousand deployments worldwide. For that reason, the program supports almost all business processes in small and medium-sized companies, regardless of the number of employees.

The program is easy to deploy and, thanks to applied modular solutions, it provides flexibility.

SAP Business One was designed and is being developed by one of the world's largest business software producers – SAP AG.

Provide an English-language version of your store and sell internationally without limitations

SAP Business One gives you the opportunity to expand your business abroad through support for various language versions (including English and German versions). As a result, you can sell your products in various countries, as with IdoSell Shop.

IdoSell Shop Bridge already provides an English version, which overcomes language barriers and enables the integration of IdoSell Shop with SAP Business One in the UK and Germany.

Functions for integrating IdoSell Shop Bridge with SAP Business One

IdoSell Shop Bridge 6.0.x provides the following functions:

Importing orders from the IdoSell Shop cloud to the SAP Business One program

  • Moving orders from the store's panel to SAP Business One
  • Moved order includes the cost of delivery
  • Moved order includes the cost related to the selected payment method

The ability to determine whether imported orders should maintain order numbering from the store's panel

  • Including the unit price of an item that matches the value from the SAP Business One catalogue or the catalogue from the store's panel
  • The ability to set the date of sale on an order in SAP Business One that matches the date of creation of the order in the store's panel
  • Moving returns from the store's panel to ERP

Syncing customers with SAP Business One

  • Creating a catalogue for every new customer assigned to an order from a store
  • Updating existing customer catalogues based on information from incoming orders

Item data syncing

  • Syncing data about warehouses and their storage with the store's panel
  • Two-sided synchronisation between SAP Business One and the store's panel (you can choose the direction of synchronisation)
  • Generating a product offer from SAP B1 in IOF format, which enables the import of products to the store's panel using the IAI Downloader application

The function list of SAP Business One integration is continuously evolving.

Licence for integration of IdoSell Shop Bridge with SAP Business one

To use the full version of the integration of IdoSell Shop Bridge with SAP Business One, you need to purchase the license for IdoSell Shop Bridge Professional.

The current price list of the IdoSell Shop Bridge Professional licence is available on the page with the price list of the IdoSell Shop Bridge licence.

Demo version

You can test the integration of IdoSell Shop Bridge with SAP Business One after generating a demo licence in the store's panel. The key of the demo licence is applicable to both the integration with SAP Business One and to other accounting systems supported by IdoSell Shop Bridge.

The demo version supports unlimited number of products for 30 days. The demo licence is free of charge and provides technical support and free IdoSell Shop Bridge updates for the duration of the licence.

SAP Business One deployment

If you are thinking about deploying SAP Business One in your online store and you are searching for a company that will help you with the deployment and integration with IdoSell Shop, we recommend our partner – Supremis.