27 April 2017

See how this fashion retailer can ship orders within 16 minutes of them being placed online thanks to IdoSell Shop

"Recently we broke the record – the time between placing an order and preparing the parcel for shipment was 16 minutes! It is an amazing time, taking into account the number of incoming orders – for our customers it is a clear sign of a trustworthy and fast shop." - says Agnieszka Romanowicz from Ombre.pl

Ombre.pl has been conducting sales through IdoSell Shop since October, 2016. Ombre.pl followed the same path as many other online fashion businesses. They were selling on marketplaces, then through PrestaShop – an open source solution. Yet, they have never stopped growing and always wanted to be the best. Thus, they are even more happy with what they managed to accomplish with IdoSell Shop.

Changing the e-commerce system is often a huge challenge. Still, in order to move forward it is important to take some risks. Ombre.pl had already been a well-known and experienced business before their migration. What did they pay attention to while looking for a new ecommerce solution and why did they choose IdoSell Shop? "Opinions of current IdoSell Shop customers were one of the most important factors we considered while choosing an ecommerce platform. We wanted to entrust the support of our online shop to experienced people, making sure they will take full care of its security and help us implement new ideas" - says Agnieszka Romanowicz from Ombre.pl