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Now you can list product groups as single multi-variation listings, at the same time minimizing eBay sales costs.

We have added the ability to list product groups as a single multi-variation listing. Thus, you can lower the costs of selling through eBay and make your offer more attractive. Previously you could list single product sizes, or so-called multi-variation listings on eBay, where variants differed in size only. From now on, IdoSell Shop enables listing grouped products, thanks to which you can list a few products with different prices and photos based on the same distinctive parameters in a group.

To sell different products on a single listing, you just have to choose a product grouped with other products and use a properly configured listing settings profile while creating a listing. To create a multi-variation listing, proper configuration of categories and parameters of all listed products is necessary. On such basis, IdoSell Shop will calculate quantities of each variable, enable creating listings in a selected category and manage changes in quantities of all variants.

The option of selling many products on a single listing is much cheaper than listing products on separate listings, and more convenient for customers, who will be able to have a look at product variants without the need to browse other offers. The option of listing product groups on a single multi-variation listing is now available for eBay listings only. It will be available for Allegro listings as soon as Allegro makes such ability available through API.

If you have just started selling on marketplaces, have a look at basic information concerning online shop integration with eBay and Allegro listings