1 July 2016

Marketing Guide - One Page Shop for leading an effective product marketing campaign

IdoSell Shop now supports a new standard - One Page Shop (OPS), which works like a product landing page with full online store functionality. It is perfect for seasonal promotions, or selling flagship products from a specific brand. One Page Shop is also perfect for bringing new products to the market, by exposing them on their own, dedicated shopping page.

Make it as easy as possible to buy a unique product you are promoting

A marketing campaign promoting a single, unique product should culminate in making it as easy as possible to purchase. You want to avoid any unnecessary distractions. All the meticulously planned and carefully designed ads, social media entries, targeted mailing campaigns etc. should lead your clients to one place – a place that helps convince them to make the purchase. It usually is an attractive landing page with an option to be transferred to a shopping basket where the product can be actually bought. How do you make this process more streamlined? Turn your landing page into a fully functional shop, complete with a quick checkout process – all this is possible with One Page Shop.

Run an effective multichannel marketing campaign

A marketing campaign can only be called effective when orders start coming through. It is therefore important to make sure all related purchase funnels work as intended. Let's have a look at a simple example of email marketing. Today over half of emails are read on mobile devices, which is why making sure that target site actually works on such devices. A customer clicking on a marketing link is not of much worth to our business, if we do not let them make the purchase. A One Page Shop is therefore perfect for such campaigns - it is quick to set up and thanks to its simplicity, very attractive and easy to use.

What are some sample scenarios One Page Shop is perfect for?

  • Introducing a new product with a bang. You may already have an online store with an extensive offer. Maybe you want to branch out - creating a dedicated shopping page for a new product is the perfect way to give your customers a new and fresh shopping experience.
  • Thanks to a simple, structured layout, One Page Shop is great for building brand awareness.
  • Selling services such as IT assistance. Even if your services are sold in various packages, OPS is the perfect, simple way of presenting them.

Selling a single product or a small family of products

If your offer consists of a single product, or a product in a few different versions, your online store will not require elements such as a complex navigation, product filters, advanced search, etc. In such case, it is best to contain the message to your customers and a product presentation within a single, main page. With One Page Shop you can present your product description and pictures, its price, opinions, etc., and give your customers the ability to choose its parameters (e.g. size). The entire checkout process is streamlined, safe and does not require a page reload.

One Page Shop technical features

Although it looks and feels simplified, One Page Shop functionality is in no way restricted

  • The store is SEO friendly, supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • It has built-in payments and courier integrations.
  • It comes with a dedicated complaints and returns module for a better customer experience.
  • One Page Shop can be launched in an existing administration panel with just a few clicks. It also takes advantage of the integrated Warehouse Management System and can share its logistics backend with other online stores.
  • The standard template supports product configurators and inspirations, so even complex sets of products can be presented on a single page
  • The template can be freely modified by you. Alternatively, you can let our expert designers tailor the look and feel of the standard template for you as part of one of our implementation packages.