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Make additional collection points available to your customers

Organize your own network of collection points of any size, independently for each store and country, without the need to configure many warehouses. Add a new courier "Collection at the point" to your delivery profile and let your customers pick up orders in a very convenient way.

Now you can enable your customers to choose personal collection based on a warehouse (option This warehouse can serve as the collection point for personal collection in the warehouse configuration). However, it does carry many important limitations, i.e. the limit of the number of warehouses that you can add in the panel, or the need to perform complicated warehouse operations.

An alternative for using warehouses as collection points is to provide the new type of courier - "Collection at point". At the moment, it has 4 configurable collection points where you can add an unlimited number of all kinds of places where customers can pick up orders. Each network of collection points is independent of the store and the country, which gives a lot of possibilities to personalize collection points due to the sales region and the assortment.

You can add your warehouse addresses as collection points within a given network. Thanks to this simple procedure, you will give up the aforementioned restrictions, and the product sent to the collection point will end the logistics process in a similar way as it happens when sending the order by courier to the individual customer's address.

We encourage you to set up your own collection point network, add points to it and make this new form available in the delivery profile.

Find out more about the collection network, which you can run in your store

Delivery shipments to the collection point

Please remember that brick and mortar stores can be used as collection points (thanks to which you will use the advantages of click & collect formula, the so-called omnichannel) or friendly service points.

When creating your own network of collection points, remember to provide the right delivery for parcels to selected points.