14 December 2011

Last 7 STANDARD masks (Motorization, Grocery, Eco, Sexshop, Pregnancy&Babies, Music, Games&Software)

When - during the IAI-Day 2011 - we had showed 21 slides presenting professional and beautiful projects of new STANDARD masks, more than 100 persons on the audience looked at us incredulously and asked if it possible to implement so many complete, different and well-matched perfectly to on-line businesses. Today we would like to present the fourth and final wave of 7 templates. Full list of available STANDARD masks can be obtained on page concerning the STANDARD graphics variant. Including Mobile, Facebook, B2B, CATALOG and UNIVERSAL STANDARD masks we are now offering 26 ready-to-use templates for on-line stores.

Today-published masks are:

Thanks to the new methods of mask management we can now quickly update all 26 masks with all new functions. In addition, each mask created based on STANDARD mask (in any of the graphics package) will be updated even 80% quicker than when built independently, which of course lowers the costs of entire operation. Of every STANDARD mask we can create an individual shop graphics, that will suit your needs perfectly, and every STANDARD mask can be further modified by our graphics department, if you would like them to do this.

We would like to invite you to your masks based on new STANDARD masks. You will gain modern functionalities, that will increase conversion and satisfaction of customers, because all these modifications save your time and will save your money in the future - when you will want to update your shop.