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Is offering service as a product type in an online shop possible? Yes, it is with IdoSell Shop. We have just added a new product type – a service.

If you provide additional service to the products you sell, such as a personalized engraving, an additional sofa edging, installation of a system or basic software to a sold computer, we have a ready to use solution for you. We have added a new product type – a service.

If you have ever wondered how to sell services in an online shop or you have had issues with this type of sale, today we would like to present a solution for you. Now you can add and highlight a service as, i.e. additional option which can be purchased with a particular product. Thanks to this option you can easily inform your customers about additional options which can be added to the products they are considering to buy.

What are the options of selling services?

Services can be sold as:

  • a set component – for example, set of pens + engraving (service)
  • a collection component – for example, notebook + Office + option of a software installation (service)
  • product sold separately – for example, a device service or a logo design

How services differ from regular products?

Service has:

  • simplified warehouse management – you only indicate if a service is available or not
  • optimized checkout process – if a customer has only one or few types of service in a basket, delivery methods will be hidden and we will only display quick payment options what makes the purchase process even simpler
  • a shop template is adjusted to legal requirements of service sales in online shops – your customer is informed that they ordered a service

Is a template update required in order to sell different types of service in a shop?

No, you do not have to update your layout, because service is presented just like a regular product.

If you are interested in offering different types of service in your shop, go for more information here