6 March 2017

IdoSell Shop case study - see how Respro.com.pl increased their sales by taking advantage of a sudden opportunity

"Seize the moment", "find your niche"... are some famous business tips most of us heard of, they do however work in practice. When an important business decision needs to be made, time is of the essence. SaaS fits right in, thanks to low startup costs and unparalleled scalability, should the business work out. See how SaaS, smog and a business opportunity tie together in this RESPRO case-study.

Our choice of IdoSell Shop was dictated by some very important aspects. Above all, we all wanted to base our business on a system with a modern and versatile engine. One that would not require changes or updates should our turnover increase from a few dozen to several thousand orders per month. - says Jan Maciantowicz, Respro.com.pl's Brand Manager.

Their history is even more interesting, as this is not the only shop the Respro.com.pl team is running. The owners apply the same, good marketing and sales practices in Treningowy.pl. This is a perfect example of how easy it is to scale your business using SaaS, while taking advantages of new business opportunities as soon as they arise.