13 July 2016

IAI POS 5.3 Omnichannel now supports discount cards and codes

In addition to the support for individual rebates at point of sale terminals, IAI POS now also supports discount cards and codes. Thanks to IAI POS 5.3, your customers can make use of their discount cards and codes seamlessly both online and offline, in your brick and mortar stores.

Discount campaigns and discount cards can be easily configured and made available to your customers from within the IdoSell Shop administration panel.

If a customer decided to make use of their discounts while visiting your traditional store, instead of online, they simply need to present them to the cashier. Entering the discount code or card number in IAI POS is simple and very intuitive:

You may also be interested in additional features introduced in IAI POS 5.3. The latest change log is available (as always) in the IdoSell Shop administration panel, under SUPPORTING APPLICATIONS / IAI POS