24 March 2015

IAI Downloader 1.16 accelerates product synchronization in an Import and Update mode and introduces a few important hotfixes.

IAI Downloader 1.16 is now available in your administration panel. It introduces a rebuilt photo synchronization for Import and Update mode, what significantly accelerates the process of loading and updating products in the panel. What is more, the application introduces a few important hotfixes.

It has been introduced in an Offer mode – now product Import and Update modes through IAI Downloader have been divided into two stages: product synchronization and photo synchronization.

Adding photos and their update as a separate step in synchronization

From now on, photo synchronization follows adding or updating products in the panel. Due to this change, introducing new products into the shop base and updating existing ones will be much faster.

In the updating mode, our application downloads all the photos indicated in an update file, saves them on a hard disk and then sends to the panel only these photos which have been actually changed.

Changes in "Photo sending options" section

Due to changes introduced into an Import and Update mode, in "Photo sending options", we have deleted the choice of uploading photos into the panel form, from the „Settings” window.

Previously, IAI Downloader downloaded photos every time without regard for a chosen option, performed a chosen operation and then sent all the photos into the panel no matter if a given photo was changed in relation to the one visible in the panel.

Sending photo URL in the Import mode

In the Import mode in „Photo sending options" section you can now turn on a new „Send photos to the panel as an file URL. The photo will be downloaded by the panel, not by IAI Downloader” option. In such case, IAI Downloader will not download photos to a hard disk but transfer only the links to the panel. The very process of downloading a photo and loading it to a given product will be performed in the panel.

The option is turned off by default. Please remember that turning it in and loading the panel with downloading photos can lead to a server slow down which, in turn, will affect your shop.

What is more, IAI Downloader 1.16 includes following improvements:

  • We have optimized the code meter of products which have finished in the supplier's offer. Thus, the whole process is much faster now.
  • We have fixed "Loading new product error. No shop mask specified. (10)".
  • We have fixed an error occurring in product description update when an option „do not update” is chosen in the offer for product descriptions
  • We have fixed an error of not loading photos for new products if the option „do not update” is chosen in the offer for product photos
  • We have fixed an error of not updating stock levels if the option „do not update” in the offer for prices