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How to accept complaints without having to engage store staff? Provide your customers with a self-service complaint wizard (RMA)

From now on, you can handle complaints remotely by evaluating pictures and description of the defects provided by the customers. This way, you enable sending pre-verified complaints, while giving your customers paid return shippings to the store (you cover the cost yourself or settle with the customer). You will save a lot of time and money when handling complaints, and customers will receive your decision, as well as products or money, faster.

Created with with practitioners

While creating a complaint system, we took advantage of the experience of one of the most experienced retailers in this area. For the creation and pre-release tests, we have invited our long-time customer, online shop for ASG fans - Gunfire.pl. The following image comes from this shop:

When designing a new complaint module, we used the experience of a store that is a well-known distributor of equipment used in ASG and which is often exposed to broken hardware. We have tried to extract as much knowledge and experience as possible, ensuring that the module has a universal form and will suit any industry. In gunfire.pl shop, the new complaint module is working well and is available today, where you can check it in action. We also have a gallery showing this in practice:

The brand new wizard for adding complaints

The well known returns wizard served as an inspiration for creating a new complaints wizard. Thanks to it, the process of filling a complaint is clear and coherent with the process of returns.

The automated process of handling complaints includes:

  • the choice of the order from the sent ones which will be the basis for the complaint,
  • the choice of products with a possibility of adding a description of the defect and images of defected goods , so you can get acquainted with the defect immediately,
  • the choice of the delivery method (cheap return package with Poczta Polska, clients may send it on their own or personal delivery to the store),
  • the choice of the complaint point, to which the product will be sent or delivered,,
  • the page summarizing the complaint with the ability of contacting the store’s service in the form of a chat.

A customer is led by the hand throughout the whole complaint process and makes the complaint themselves without having to contact the store, which will surely save your time. What is more, your customers will feel secure and have the sense of being treated professionally, even in less pleasant moments like a complaint.

How to activate the new RMA in your shop?

The new complaints wizard is available in the engine of your shop. If you had the previous system of adding complaints enabled, the new module is already enabled and retains backward compatibility. However, to use the new wizard, you need to update the template of your online store. As always, you can submit this change to your store supervisor. If you do not use the individually built template, you can limit yourself to updating the STANDARD mask to the latest version that contains it. All new templates built from now on will include the new wizard.