5 May 2016

Guidebook: How does a modern online store design influence sales? | Part 2

Web design means graphic design of online pages, which combines esthetics with functionality. Thus, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that designing both eye-catching and effective online store can be challenging. Thus, such task should be left to experienced professionals. However, before you commission creating an online store template, think which elements supporting sales should be implemented. The 2014 research conducted by MeasuringU on a group of 2300 people states that averagely 23 % of customers do not place an order due to poor usability of a store. Instead of increasing advertising budget, manipulating prices or creating discount campaigns, start from improving usability of your store. What should be taken into consideration in the first place?

Blog as an integral part of shop design

It is well-known that valuable content which targets a specific group is a rule of modern marketing, but...what is content marketing actually about? By focusing on online store design, special attention should be paid to the news module, namely to the blog. A well-conducted blog has two major functions:

  1. It builds brand authority and positions the store as an expert when it comes to offered assortment – Internet users are more willing to place orders in stores which give competent advice to customers and know their offer very well.
  2. It generates a valuable content for online search engines – if your content includes keywords reflecting your assortment, you can be placed higher than your competitors in Google search results.

Hot spots – important information for your customers

Hot spots are advertising sections which aim to effectively present your special offers. Such advertisements should be designed to fulfill their sales function, at the same being an integral part of your online store design. Hot spots have to be consistent with your brand image. It means that they have to be designed in the same style as your store, namely with the use of the same colors and fonts. It should be topped with a clear call to action, what can considerably increase the sales effectiveness.

Well designed COP is the way to achieve success

Checkout process (COP) should be paid special attention to during the design process. A proper arrangement of crucial COP elements has a considerable effect on sales. Emphasized final price, product photo as well its description, useful order edit or the position of order confirmation button, are only some elements an experienced e-commerce web designer will take care of, paying special attention to sales functionality. However, if you would like to design the COP yourself, please bear in mind current e-commerce regulations.

Size charts in the fashion industry

Clothing size charts are an element which can boost the conversion rates in your store. You just need to place a button triggering a window with the size chart on the product card. Please remember that information should be comprehensive and based on eye-catching graphics. This solution will enable a potential customer to understand which clothing measurements have to be paid special attention to in the blink of an eye.

Lookbooks, arrangements, visualizations...a bit of inspiration for your customers

The majority of business types is able to present products in their natural habitat. An autumn jacket evokes more emotions if presented on a model and the park constitutes a background – remember that people make shopping decision based on their emotions. The same applies to a computer presented on a stylish, minimalistic desk or a watch visible on a wrist of a perfectly dressed gentleman. Product presentation is the inseparable element of every shop design.

Design and its elements matter

A good graphic designer can design attractive online stores and an excellent graphic designer can design stores which are not only attractive, but also effective. While starting your e-commerce journey, ask your friends and family about their personal experience – learn what bothers them and what triggers them to place orders. Use this knowledge while consulting with a graphic designer. Remember that an online store has to be customer-friendly, as they pay your bills.

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