14 March 2017

Ebook: The Great Book of Generating Leads for Ecommerce

Lead – is a B2B-originated term. It refers to a person or a company that has a business problem / purchase need and becomes ready to be contacted by sales department and discuss the offer or terms & conditions. Lead can be called an email address, which someone left to sign up for the newsletter or on a card handed over at a conference or summit.

Leads can be educated with so-called lead nurturing, transferred between departments and processed by product managers. But before that happens you need to generate them, in the first place. Simply put - you have to gather them somewhere!
There are multiple ways to generate leads. Measurements aimed at winning the coveted contact details are usually conducted in multiple channels, both online and offline.

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The most popular methods may include website marketing actions, such as pop-ups,frames to sign up for newsletter, advertising in social media, especially Facebook, which is currently the most popular social network, or activities in the field of SEO and SEM, that is, optimization of content on the website, so that they are treated favorably by the search engine and displayed on high positions in search results.

Conventional methods are effective and you should implement them, just to avoid losing any of those clients who respond to standard marketing efforts. However, you should also develop some backup strategies. They help in generating leads among a custom audience. And in addition, they allow you to secure the inflow of new contacts in case when standard methods don’t bring results and you need to check why - perform tests (for example, A/B testing of the website content, so you can see which elements work best for visitors), or use HADI cycles (a simple, scientific method where you test hypotheses, and draw conclusions from them to implement the most efficient solutions. The name is the first letters of the four basic steps of the cycle: Hypothesis - Action - Date - Insight).

So where to find Leads? How to effectively generate new contacts of the highest high quality, and thus increase the revenue of the ecommerce you run?

To answer this question ,taking advantage of the enormous experience of ours and our clients, we decided to create a sort of guidebook in which we share ways of generating new contacts. We focused on the practical side. We described how to implement the method, where you can (and should) use marketing automation, what kind of tools should be used and what are the good and bad points of each method.