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Block sending unnecessary e-mail and sms transaction messages for orders from auctions

So far, regardless of the origin of the order, the IdoSell Shop administration panel has sent all transactional messages that have the "send this message" set to "yes" in the template. This resulted in sending orders from auctions, for example, messages about the loyalty program, which could be not in accordance with the rules of the auction site. Therefore, we have introduced a new option in the auction account settings that allows you to block any transactional messages other than those that apply directly to the listing.

You may find this option in the panel in SALES / Auctions/ E-mail accounts configuration.

If you select the ''Block all transactional messages" option to "Yes (except for separate templates for auction events)", then only the following transaction messages will be sent at this time (according to the template setting whether to send the given message):

  • Messages regarding auctions
  • Clients / Confirmation of customer account registration (based on auction)
  • Placing an order / Confirmation of order from auction
  • Order calculation / Register payment for an order from auction

Option set to "yes (all)" blocks sending all transactional messages for orders from auctions, also for the abovementioned. New option, in order to is currently set to preserve backward compatibility is set to "no".