Running a wholesale store – available solutions

Running a wholesale store – available solutions offers variable options of Business-to-Business cooperation. You choose the configuration and solutions according to your needs and to what you find the most convenient. We have described a few approaches how to organize your wholesale store.

Only wholesale store

If you run a business focused strictly on wholesale customers, opening a wholesale store looks exactly the same as opening a retail shop. Wholesale store management and customers management in administration panel are also the same. You do not need to worry about settings for retail customers, i.e. retail prices. We can differentiate two attitudes towards an offer presentation:

  • Restricted wholesale store

Customers who you have not approved have no access to your offer. Your store is restricted by a welcome page where only a login box and a link to the registration form for new customers are available. All registrations are moderated by you and users who are not entitled to access as wholesalers will neither see your assortment nor be able to place any orders.

Examples of a welcome page:

  •   -
  •   -
  • Open wholesale store

The store is open to visit for everybody. Everyone can view your offer, read description of products and check additional information on the site. The prices and information regarding availability are however, hidden and displayed only to the signed in, approved by you as wholesalers, users. Also checkout process is available only for signed in users.

Examples of stores not displaying wholesale prices:

Joining a wholesale store with an on-line shop

Each and every administration panel and layout provide the option of handling retail and wholesale. It allows you to run sale for your partners, wholesale customers and retail customers. In the group of available standard options, having separate functionality for wholesale customer, you may find, i.e.

  • displaying wholesale prices
  • application of different discount levels
  • different delivery methods and their costs
  • different set of payment methods
  • group packaging tool for items added to basket
  • minimal amount of wholesale order
  • application of trade credit
  • wholesaler registration form with possibility of sending additional documents
  • possibility of restricting visibility of some pages only for wholesalers

As you use one shop and one layout for both, retail and wholesale, products configuration and their display are restricted. If you wish to prepare separate offer for both groups use the last, described by us, way. You will then be able to set separate design and functionalities for retailers and wholesalers.

Independent wholesale store an on-line shop

If you decide to open two shops in the panel, one for retailers and second for wholesalers you will have the biggest number of options and freedom of navigation. You can differentiate the assortment, layouts and shop/wholesale store's functionalities. We have listed just a few options that can be set separately for both shops if they are on different pages:

  • Display of different assortment - wholesale store can have wider or more narrow assortment; it can sell products from a different branch than your shop or accumulate the products sold separately in different shops
  • Display of prices and summaries also in net value
  • Different way of products display, i.e. without unnecessary descriptions and parameters or in bigger numbers on one page
  • Adding all products from the list to the basket with just one click
  • Sale under a different domain and with different billing information - if you do not wish your invoices to be issued with the same information for retail shop as for the wholesale store
  • Completely different layout, including graphic design, logo but also functions and information display
  • Publishing news, articles and purchase conditions
  • Variable content and layout of e-mails and newsletters
  • Management of different currencies and languages

Examples of shops designed independently for retailers and wholesalers: