Online auction shop – an innovative approach to conducting auction sales

An auction shop means the innovative approach facilitating auction sales. By combining IdoSell Shop functionality and the range of such popular services as eBay, a person browsing your store will be smoothly directed to purchase on an auction.

The auction shop is a tool which displays exactly the same products you have put up for auctions on your website. Thus, you are not only able to present them the way you want it by, for example, allowing for searching by parameters you find essential, but also to organize post-sale services for your clients through a comprehensive panel. The panel enables your client to find information about order status or gives the possibility to return a product.

If you run the auction shop, you do not have to persuade potential clients to create online shop account in order to place an order. Your client simply has to belong to millions of auction services clients to comfortably purchase something from your offer. The auction shop can be also considered as a place to introduce marketing strategies for people who have conducted sales on eBay and did not want to have and manage a typical online shop.

More about IdoSell auction shop

IdoSell auction shop displays products on the basis of auction settings. It means that, for example, the presentation of products is entirely based on the items which are actually put up for an auction. If the last product on the auction is sold, the offer disappears from your auction shop.

The auction shop makes use of all control and management mechanisms in the panel offered by IdoSell Shop.

The shop provides a client's panel and thus, communication with a client can direct him or her to the auction shop where the panel is made available. The client can check order status, the amount of points in loyalty programs, look through orders history or return a purchased product.

IdoSell auction shop can be configured with your eBay account.

The auction shop is available as a ready-to-use option in shops on IdoSell Shop platform. To properly configure auction shop all you have to do is: add a new shop in the administration panel, choose a page type as „marketplace” and connect your shop with auction site (on which you conduct sales) accounts. More information on auction shop configuration can be found in How to set up an auction shop section.

IdoSell auction shop is available with STANDARD RWD eBay shop front. It was designed in such a way that eBay users would know their way on the site. What is more, STANDARD RWD means that the shop will display properly on every screen resolution. On the basis of this mask, our specialists from graphics department can tailor the shop front to your conception.

How does it work?

Auction shop is based on similar rules as a traditional online shop. However, it differs in three basic aspects:

  • Product availability – the fact whether the product is visible in the shop does no longer depend on its stock level but its availability on a given auction. It means that you have to put a product up for at least one auction to make it visible in your shop.
  • Product price – a price visible on a product card is determined on the basis of a first active auction for which a product is put up.
  • Lack of shopping cart – since you do not place orders in the auction shop (you do it directly in the auction service), instead of "Add to cart" button, one can see Proceed to the auction. Orders placed in auction services are imported to the panel, just like in case of integration with auction services.