Auction shops - FAQ

In this section you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning auction shops.

How do I determine product availability in a shop?

Product availability depends on whether in a given shop, and on a given auction account, there is at least one active auction with a given product. Available stock quantity visible in a shop is a sum of the number of products put up for all active auctions, diminished by the number of products already bought. Of course goods have to be assigned to a given website to become visible.

I have put up products for a few auctions – on the basis of which auction will a price be displayed on a product card?

The price is set on the basis of the first (the oldest active) auction. In case of no active but planned auctions, the price from the last auction is displayed (in case of lack of auctions, a base price for the auction service).

I have put up products for a few auctions – to which auction a shop user will be directed ?

A user will be directed to the first created (the oldest active) auction.

Will the product be visible in my shop if I plan the auction for the future?

Yes, it will. The client will be informed when the product will be available and the price will be set on the basis of the last auction (in case of lack of auctions, a base price for the auction service).

How much time will pass since the end of an auction before the product will be no longer visible in a shop?

The system reacts to the end of an auction within 10 to 30 minutes. If the product is not available on any other auction put up from an account assigned to your auction shop, it will not be visible in a shop (marked as unavailable).

Will the products be shown in categories which I create in menu configuration or will they be generated automatically on the basis of auction service categories?

When it comes to assigning products to categories and menu structure, an auction shop works exactly the same as a regular shop – categories are not created automatically.