Frequently asked questions about safety of the software

What Panel users management option is for?

This page allows to add new users of administration panel and manage the existing ones.

Every user has his own unique login and password, that identify him. List of panel users should be continuously updated. Login and password are limited by number of characters used. Login can contain 3 to 20 characters, password - 6 to 15 and should be different than login.

End of the form contains additional information about roles played by indicated user - for example, that this particular employee is a store trade manager. Clicking on this information can take you directly to a list of customers handled by selected user.

Notice: please remember to delete accounts of former employees and check rights of all users from time to time. Deleted account can be retrieved anytime, so you do not have to worry about losing data or changelog connected with such user.

At the same time we recommend each user to have a separate account, instead of logging into the same account. Thus, any changes introduced into the warehouses, ticketing system, or employees settlements will be easy to identify.

What is Blocked hosts function for?

Hosts with blocked access to the Panel page in Panel allows to check, which hosts (domains) have their panel access blocked. Here you can also remove them from this list. To remove a blockade for indicated host, select it from the list and click the red X mark in the REMOVE column next to address you want to delete.

Host is also blocked after 10th unsuccessful panel log in attempt. Successful log in resets this counter. Only log in attempts made from single IP are counted, so there are different counters of unsuccessful log in attempts for every IP used.

Blocked hosts can be deleted in: ADMINISTRATION / Panel users management / Blocked hosts. Links is located in the top bar.

Can I check who and when logged in to panel?

Panel log-book page allows to check date, hour and host address, from which selected user logged in.

You can check both single employees, when you want to verify work time, or all employees at once.

Can I set panel access hours for my employees, so they do not modify anything after they finish their work?

Of course. Hours of access to the administration panel page allows you to set working hours with division on days of week. Thanks to this function you can control time of work and their presence in shop in their free time.
Notice: Limit of working hours works for all users. There is no possibility of setting different hours for different users.


  • Access hours limit works only for users, that have Limited hours option activated in their accounts settings.
  • Setting the 00:00 value as both beginning and end of work limits access for an entire day.

Why, despite change of user rights, I cannot get to particular page?

Information about your rights are stored in panel session. To load new rights, just log out and log in again.

What can be a reason of not being able to assign product to new shop after ordering it and adding it to panel?

The reason could be lack of rights of indicated user to add products to newly installed shop. Users with admin rights can add such authority to their accounts. Users without such rights need to ask to add rights to new shop to their accounts.
Assigning rights to stores and other panel functions can be made in ADMINISTRATION / Panel users management section.

Can I turn off an access to tickets to the Panel users?

No, access to tickets is a default right of all Panel users. You can only set, if system should send notifications about responses to open tickets or not. Configuration of notify machine is available in ADMINISTRATION / Panel users management / Automatic e-mail notification section.

The only exception to this rule are tickets sent to the IAI Managing Board, with "confidential" status - only users with admin rights have access to them.