How to define requirements for the SOPHISTICATED design

This list of questions serves as a guide on what type of information you should take into account when drawing out requirements, which will allow us to deliver the best possible work. If you are unsure about, or cannot answer a question, you can leave the decision up to our experienced designers. Based on the provided information, we will create a project draft for review and acceptance. When providing examples, please note that pointing to existing cases (e.g. live websites) is the most informative.

If you have your own graphical design draft, use the initial stage to present them to us and to analyse their compatibility with available functionality. Please send the drafts, along with guidelines using a ticket.

1. What are you going to sell and who is your target (a typical customer of your shop)?

2. Do you already have a logo? If yes, please send it as a source file (eps, cdr, ai format) in a ticket. If it is a flat graphics file (jpg, png) please send it in the highest resolution possible. If you do not have a logo, please send guidelines for it in the same ticket, according to logo guidelines. We also recommend visiting the page about logos, their design and important additional services.

3. What should be your shop's style? Modern or retro? Gradients? Curvature? Associated with a subculture? If possible, please send us examples with information which elements meet your needs and taste the most (max. 3-4 examples).

4. What colours should we use? Intensive or pastel? Dark or bright background? Moreover, please provide us with 1-2 main colours which should be used in the design. And again, examples are appreciated.

5. How many products (approximately) will be displayed in your shop and into how many categories are you planning to divide them? If possible, please send us the names of the main categories - this will help in choosing the best way to present them. We would also appreciate information regarding navigation, layout and the way menus should work - with examples if possible.

6. What should be the layout of the website? One side-column or maybe two? Should we apply a standard width of 1170px or should the page should be wider? How should the main elements be displayed? Should the category menu be in the side column or maybe horizontal, in the header? Should all subpages have the same layout or should, e.g. the main page take up the full width (with the side column omitted)? Again, we kindly ask for examples of existing shops.

7. Are you planning to add news to your shop regularly? Will you have many banner ads, special offers etc? Do you expect dynamic and non-standard solutions in the range of special offers presentation?

8. Will there be additional subpages including extra information in the shop, i.e. news or articles? We do not count basic subpages like those with Terms and Conditions or shipping costs. If you are planning any additional pages which should be editable via the CMS, please let us know how your ideas.

9. Will the products have long descriptions? Maybe they will be in the form of technical specifications (like charts)? Or maybe the most important thing for you is having high resolution, detailed photos of your products, with textual specification playing a secondary role?

10. Please send us 2-3 sample product pictures or information whether the pictures are vertical or horizontal and on what background should they be presented.

12. Should any product features be highlighted? For example a manufacturer? Product code? Availability?