Translating the shop mask in - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the shop mask translation process are listed below.

How much does the shop translation cost?

  • If you decide to translate on your own, the IdoSell company will not charge you extra for translation. You can download mask files, translate them easily using OmegaT and upload the translation to the store. The entire process was described in the manual. The only cost is the fee for the graphic designer's tasks, who can edit the image files and upload them to the shop mask. Then, the task is created and you are informed - through a ticket - about its cost and asked for its approval. Estimated time for the task completion usually varies from 1 to 3 hours of graphic designer's work (hourly cost is £30/35€ net) and depends on the level of shop customization.

Can I translate the shop on my own?

Of course! It's very easy. We have prepared a special tool you can use to generate a file including all texts from the shop, which you can translate by using the OmegaT program and upload them to the Admin Panel.

Which mask can I translate and which I cannot? What can I do if I cannot download the files necessary for the shop mask translation of my choice?

The mask that you can translate can be checked at any moment

in your Admin Panel. To do this, please go to MODERATION / Mask change, update, edition and translation and click the Mask translation link. Choose a language from which you want to translate. The list of all masks in a panel will become visible. How to recognise the masks that can be translated? If in Choose column a mask can be selected, it can be translated. A snapshot shows that.

What if the mask I want to translate doesn't have a selection field? Send a ticket to the Graphic Department giving the mask ID. Our employees will try they best to adjust the mask to the future translation.

What is a XLIFF mask file, TMX glossary file and ODT file with graphics?

XLIFF mask file - file which holds all literals of your shop in a given language. It is a basic file necessary for shop translation, using the OmegaT software.

TMX glossary file - file which holds the translations of respective literals downloaded from translation database. Using this file in OmegaT software is not necessary, but it simplifies and speeds up the translation.

ODT file with graphics - File which holds every graphic with accompanying texts to be translated. To create it install a free Open Office software package.

All of these three files can be downloaded from your Admin Panel - see Step 2 of manual.

Which components of the shop can be translated? What does the mask translation file contain?

Mask shop translation process does not include objects such as the features that can be modified in the MODERATION section:

  • e-mail messages and SMS sent to customers,
  • messages published on the main page,
  • menu and description subpages in the mask,
  • printed documents,


  • all of the product information, which can be entered in the Admin Panel.

The other elements, such as:

  • registration and complaint form,
  • login page,
  • basket,
  • order placing process,
  • search and navigation tools,
  • buttons,

are included in the mask translation process.

The XLIFF mask file holds literals in a form of single words and whole sentences, which can be easily translated with OmegaT software. Moreover, you can generate the ODT file with graphics, translate the texts on graphics and send the ODT file to graphic designer who will add the translations to existing graphics and upload them to the mask. The entire process is described in a detailed manual.