Translate your store with the Crowdin app

The following guide will show you step by step how to translate by yourself previously exported XLIFF file to any language. Download the file from the panel, go to and start translating your store. After translating the file, upload it to the panel in accordance with the instructions for translating the offer or the store template.

The Crowdin application is an advanced but at the same time very intuitive tool available online. This is paid software, but there is a free demo version that allows you to use the application for 14 days free. If you plan to use the application once, you do not have to choose a paid plan. If you intend to perform translations regularly in a professional manner, we recommend choosing a paid plan. The application has built-in options to facilitate mass translation, such as: translation memory, machine memory, or autocorrect.

Other similar apps:
- (intuitive interface, free demo for 15 days, paid version $139/month, translation memory, machine memory),
- (easy to use, free demo for 30 days, paid version $20/month, translation memory, machine translation).

A single translation can be made in a demo version of any of the above-mentioned applications.