How to translate texts efficiently?

Do you have difficulty translating the mask or offer of your online store? Use CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) and XLIFF / CSV files generated from our system. The combination of these two components will allow you to translate your store to any language quickly and efficiently.

What are CAT applications?

CAT, or computer-assisted translation is a way to translate content using applications that streamline the translation process. This concept should not be confused with machine translation, which is based on a complete automatic translation based on special algorithms. CAT applications, depending on the complexity, support the most popular files used for translation (e.g. XLIFF, CSV), have spelling checker modules, grammar or electronic dictionaries supporting the translation process. For the sake of consistency in translations, such applications often offer the option of remembering already translated content, so that the second time the same sentence is translated in the same way. Some applications are very simple and have only basic options, while others are more extensive and support the translation process itself.

How does the IdoSell service facilitate the store translation process?

Using the IdoSell service, you can conveniently translate both templates and offers of your online store. All this thanks to XLIFF and CSV files generated from the panel. If you use these files in the applications recommended by us, the translation process will take place quickly and efficiently. We have prepared two scenarios for you, according to which you should be guided by the choice of the translation application.

Depending on how many literals you have to translate (depends on whether you translate the entire mask from beginning to end, or only a few missing literals), select the tool according to the diagram below.

Scenario A: I have individual literals in the mask to translate (or I am translating, for example, only the store's menu) and I do not need an extensive tool offering, among others, hints in translations. I generated a small XLIFF file from the IdoSell panel. I need a simple and quick tool available ”on the spot". In this scenario, we recommend using the simple Tranzapp web application (it supports only XLIFF files).

'Scenario B: I have to translate the entire store template or, e.g. a large number of products. I generated a large XLIFF or CSV file. To maximize the time of translation use Crowdin application (supports XLIFF and CSV files). The application is not available immediately (the demo option has to be ordered), but it significantly simplifies the translation, e.g. thanks to the built-in translator. Crowdin is a professional tool used to perform comprehensive translations, being intuitive and easy to use.

’’’Summing up:’’’ store template or store offer translation in the IdoSell service takes place in 3 simple steps:

  1. You download the XLIFF / CSV file of the part of the shop you are interested in.
  2. You translate the file using one of the applications recommended by us.
  3. You are uploading translated files to the IdoSell panel. Ready!