First Data Merchant Solutions - FAQ

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning First Data payment processing.

Does the integration concern First Data in every country?

IdoSell is integrated with First Data Merchant Solutions UK for UK-based businesses. It means that there is the UK based customer support team and it is focused on UK merchants, but it does not mean that you cannot accept payments from other countries - you can accept payments in multiple currencies worldwide. For more information, the team at First Data Merchant Solutions can give you a full rundown of all currencies.

How do I enable payments without leaving my shop, with one-click checkout?

Payment forms with one-click checkout are enabled by default in every layout created after August 2015. Older layouts can be updated by our Graphics department.

How can I tell if my layout needs to be updated?

In case of layouts without one-click checkout, First Data Merchant Solutions will work the same as other payment systems - by redirecting to the payment page hosted by First Data. If you want to use payment form on your shop's website with one-click checkout, update your layout.

Are the card details stored in IdoSell panel?

No, card details are not stored in IdoSell panel, they are stored in the Level 1 PCI DSS First Data Data Vault only. There is no possibility to view them by third parties.