Fast and efficient implementation of the online store

In case of creating an online store based on a different solution than IdoSell, dedicated implementation time is counted in months. In IdoSell, after 30 minutes of placing an order, your store is ready for work. Being on this site, you probably want to know how much time it takes to build a dedicated implementation. See why IdoSell implementation is quick and efficient.

Which model of implementation to choose?

In IdoSell you can choose the following options for implementation:

Commissioning selected graphic works to our specialists

Commissioning selected works to our Graphics Department

You are the Project Manager of the implementation. You flexibly determine what we should prepare for you and what you decide to do yourself. The duration of the project depends on the selected implementation package and the tasks that we will carry out within it.

turnkey shop implementation

Commissioning creation and configuration of the store by our specialists

You can be sure that you will receive a ready-to-use online store at a predictable cost and time. The most convenient scenario. You save your time. This option is the most expensive, but it gives the greatest certainty of launching sales on a specific day.

implementing store on your own

You implement the store yourself

You can order an online store system which you can configure yourself after 30 minutes. It is worth knowing that this implementation variant is the most difficult due to many questions that may arise during the implementation. It is worth considering this option if you have extensive experience or you really care about a quick launch with a fairly simple online store.

professional online stores


When creating guidelines, you do not have to worry that you might forget about something important. Our experienced graphic designers, who have so far completed thousands of successful implementations, will inform you about the best solutions and advise against inappropriate ones. At the design stage, you will receive a ready project that our graphic designers will refine according to your expectations. From the very beginning, the coordinaton of work will be supervised by the Account Manager with whom you can be contacted at any time, as well as the Project Manager.

Typical implementations from the time the order is placed for a standard set including: design, coding, import and training, assuming the guidelines do not change during implementation and you answer as soon as possible, last:

Less typical implementations are organized according to the following scheme:

  • Pre-sale stage - in which you verify the various assumptions, variants, check why IdoSell should be chosen.
  • Design stage - it takes about 2 weeks plus the time resulting from the budgeted number of hours. During this stage, the final design of your store and valuation are created. For example in SOPHISTICATED implementation package, time for this stage is 2.5 weeks.
  • Coding stage - it takes about 2-3 weeks plus the time resulting from the budgeted number of hours. During this stage, we carry out an online shop template in accordance with the project. For example in SOPHISTICATED implementation package, time for this stage is 4 weeks.
  • Data import - it takes about 2-3 weeks plus the time resulting from the budgeted number of hours. This stage is often partially done simultaneously with the coding of the page. During this time, we perform import of products, customers and other typical items. Unusual imports may take longer. Usually in the case of import, a minimum of a week should be added to the coding time, as the final import takes place after coding the page.
  • Integration with ERP softwares , marketplaces and individual programs - these activities last a minimum of 1-2 weeks each plus time resulting from budgeted hours
  • Test and minor improvements stage - the final stage where everything is tested and minor improvements are made. For example, we add the imported products with navigation. At this point, you can already sell, but you can also wait for the completion of this 1-3-week stage and then start selling.
IdoSell professional online stores for you!

How long does the implementation take and when is it best to order the store?

It is worth to deal with the basic myth at the very beginning. Some clients believe that 3 months is a terribly long time to build a store. 3 months is, however, 13 weeks, and each week has only 40 hours. Most often due to a lack of understanding what the process of preparing a store looks like and what this guide says about it, it seems that an extensive store can be created in a week. The facts are that some of the tasks on our side are usually 20-30% of the total work to be done. Therefore, never postpone your tasks until the store is finished, because it will extend the process of implementation.

How far in advance should I order an online store?

We observe that a large part of sellers every year, in November, try to nervously speed up the work to start the store before Christmas. The facts, however, are that starting the store on December 10 will not generate you a great sale. To be able to fit in for the selected season in e-commerce, you have to be ready at least 2-3 months in advance. It is then that customers start looking for products, search them online, observe, etc. If you want to launch selling for the Christmas season, you should start it at the beginning of October at the latest. In order for the store to be ready at the beginning of October, you should end the pre-sale stage in June and work with us throughout the holidays. Our experience shows that if you need an individual implementation and more than just a "simple store" that can be started in the IdoSell after 30 minutes from the payment, it's worth getting down to work already half a year earlier. A statistical, real time from the moment of the initial decision to start the sale and generate the first orders lasts from 3 to 6 months.

Remember also that in the meantime you can sell based on the so-called. STANDARD template. Such templates are available immediately and there is nothing to prevent you from switching your domain right away. Most of the tools also allow you to run a prototype store within 1-2 days. That is why it is not worth focusing on "accelerating our work", but rather on a dialogue, during which you openly communicate your needs and listen to how you can even start the next day with the first version of the store, and then smoothly improve it during implementation project.

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