Store logo guidelines

Each of IAI graphic designers created at least a few dozens of logotypes for different stores, and the best - few hundreds. Utilize their experience and commission your logo creation to them.

How to prepare logo guidelines for graphics designer?

Typical on-line store logo should above all include shop name in a form, that allows to easily remember or identify domain name. The most important guideline is a good store name and its main domain. Other important tips are: colors that should be used, what should be its style, what should it symbolize or evoke and should it also include additional characters, pictures or be plain-text only. Exactly as it comes to sending us store mask guidelines, the most valuable are examples of logotypes you particularly like. Our gallery of logotypes can be always a good source of inspiration.

The more advanced your requirements are, the more time the designer will need to to create your trademark. Nevertheless, more advanced designs and nonstandard pictures/characters used, the more recognizable the logo will be. Cost is always difficulty-dependent and is always estimated before the commission starts. Logo cost varies - it can take between half of hour (with simple text-based logo) or a few hours, when your requirements and expectations are higher, when designer has to draw every element manually, implement nonstandard symbols and effects and provide you with multiple versions.

To obtain full estimation, please remember to include your guidelines concerning other additional logo-related services.