White-Label service and "Powered by IdoSell" sign

IdoSell is a well-known brand on the e-commerce market. Graphic sign "Powered by IdoSell" visible in the footer is recognizable for the clients and almost all e-commerce companies. However, if you would like to delete IdoSell sign, you can always turn White-Label service on.

"Powered by IdoSell" sign informs your clients who is responsible for online store maintenance. Due to the popularity of our company, it is a well-known trademark. A client who once purchased something in one of IdoSell shops will not have problems with placing an order in any other store based on our software. Trusting a seller is a decisive factor in online shopping. "Powered by IdoSell" sign is yet another feature building such trust, as every IdoSell shop is obliged to provide company documents and inactive stores, which do not pay subscription fees, are closed, protecting the customers from placing orders which would not be handled. One of 3 versions of "Powered by IdoSell" sign is adjusted for free to best match your shop front

"Powered by IdoSell" is always included in the projects prepared by our graphic designers. In case of your own graphic designs, please include the sign in the project or it will be added during encoding stage in a place we consider suitable.

However, if you would like to delete "Powered by IdoSell" sign from your shop as well as printouts, meta, auctions and other elements generated by our system, you can just turn White-Label service on.

It also enables changing the size and graphic design of the sign to the one which you view as tailored to your website's design. Due to White-Label service you can hide information which online shop service you use. White-Label can be turned on at additional charge and is described in detail in the price list.