How to configure welcome pages in your store?

All you need to do is to use Welcome pages management option, which can be used to manage entry pages. It is possible to set a particular page as a gate, through which the customer will have to pass to get to your store. Welcome page can - for example - contain statement of adulthood, can be a login page or maybe attractive flash presentation. To create such page, click on Add page in the top bar - page setting form will be displayed.

List of all created welcome page has a form of a table. Verses are names of welcome pages and columns are names of stores. To each of them you can assign one welcome page. The same welcome page can be assigned to multiple stores. To assign such entry page, just mark proper checkbox. To turn welcome page off, mark the No welcome page field. Operations column allows to modify page look or delete it, if it is not currently in use.

Correct setup of welcome page takes only two actions:

  • add new welcome page or select earlier-created one for your shop (or stores),
  • press Save pages settings.

A message displayed on page will inform you about the operation outcome.

If there is no welcome page set in the store, system creates shortcut - it goes by the index.php page and lands you on main.php directly. It avoids using redirection, which can lower PageRank for main page or make tracking it harder.

How to block access and hide page contents?

To block access to shop page and hide it from customers eyes, perform the following actions:

1. Create your own page in MODERATION / Welcome pages management or use earlier-prepared template. All changes made in this tab need to be always confirmed with clicking on Save pages settings.

2. Select Page access control option in MODERATION / Shop behavior management. List of available options will be displayed. Select appropriate and save changes.

How to embed movie to shop, i.e. from YouTube?

Publishing movies in the is very easy.

All operations can be performed by WYSIWYG editor available at multiple pages (i.e. in product editing).

You can publish a movie in two ways:

  • Upload videos using the File management for CMS option in MODERATION module. We recommend using Flash Video format (FLV), because it can be easily played in almost any video player or browser.
    • Upload files to YouTube or other site that allows to publish movies.

After uploading movies, just use the movie embedding tool, select video format and provide URL.

URL contains configuration of movie behavior and look, but its size should be entered manually.

If it is local movie, just use the media management icon and select file from list.

Can I turn welcome page off?

Yes. Go to MODERATION / Shop behavior management and click on Page access control option. Choose all i no redirection to welcome page.

What can Welcome pages management be used for?

It allows to create, edit and set welcome page displayed at shop entrance. Editor allows to use text, graphical and multimedia elements and restore latest active page version.

Editing and publishing operations are separated - every entered change needs to be saved and then published. Saving changes does not mean that they will be instantly visible on-line. This way you can save your work multiple times, not to loose any results of your work, and publish changes, when you will think the page is complete, by clicking on Save pages settings on list of all welcome pages.

Welcome page edition tool is divided into sections that correspond to HTML document structure, where you can enter Title, Keywords, Description, Tags, Style and Content. Use the Preview function before publishing page content, so you can be sure everything is O.K.