By choosing Smarty, you are able to change the appearance of your store using any HTML, CSS and JavaScript modifications. This tool gives you control over every piece of shop template's code in the frontend. We dedicate this method of introducing modifications to professionals who have knowledge in the field of webdevelopment, performance and also working on the IdoSell shop engine. When you develop a template yourself, you have to take care of all aspects of store's operation.

What is Smarty?

Smarty is not a technology itself. It is one of formats for building website templates. We chose this language because Smarty is popular and known by the majority of webmasters, web developers, freelancers or interactive agencies. And if you do not know it, you will easily find a lot of ready-to-use guides explaining the syntax of Smarty language. Prepared mechanism allows you to export a template developed by us in a different technology to files with the Smarty template. From now on, you can download, modify and upload the whole code to the panel as a separate template version.

Who is Smarty for?

Smarty has been planned for professionals who have knowledge and skills in the field of webdevelopment. The shared template code requires knowledge of many languages ​​that enable professional creation or editing of website templates, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery framework. Knowledge about PHP applications development and knowledge of so-called AJAX gateways and page optimization issues is also required. We are aware that using e.g. many requests to AJAX gateways or store, will significantly reduce system performance. If you design a template in a completely different way, contact our web developers. Otherwise, shop can run slowly due to misusing mechanisms for creating stores by our specialists.

If you are not an experienced webmaster or you have never implemented an individual IdoSell before, we strongly advise you to implement store together with our specialists. It could otherwise turn out that the results would be unsatisfactory.

Yet, if you want to introduce changes to the HTML code, but do not change the framework or change it to a little extent, you can easily take advantage of the IdoSell template customization using Smarty templates.

3 possible ways to achieve an individual design of your store:

  1. Template prepared by your own web developer

  2. In this version, we provide you with Smarty files for self-edit. You have your own knowledge and provided Smarty documentation at your disposal. You introduce changes yourself (or by commissioning it to experienced web developer), taking care of the correctness of the template code. It is also within your scope of works to ensure correct versioning of the template and maintaining order in the code. In this version, we do not provide a warranty and servicing the IdoSell template copy. We can of course accept orders for correcting Smarty code, however, in this case, costs will be potentially much higher than while developing a template with our specialists from the very beginning , due to the need to read the code and the inability to use internally used tools to speed up performing some operations. We can also answer different questions, for example "How to optimize script" or "How to get a given effect" - prepared answers will be simply paid orders for preparing appropriate analyzes and a ready code.

  3. Template prepared by the IdoSell web developer

  4. In this version, our specialists introduce changes to the template. The guidelines established by both parties are preceded by the valuation in the time & material mode prepared by our specialists. Thanks to this solution you are guaranteed to complete the project in time. You also get a guarantee of a template code quality. This solution is recommended for companies that need to quickly and efficiently introduce a template with large changes (in comparison to the standard version of the IdoSell template), and do not want to bear additional costs of engaging an external team of web developers. The template prepared in this way is a good starting point for further modifications, i.e. you can export it to Smarty and from the moment the store is launched, further develop the template yourself. In this version, IdoSell gives a guarantee and provides servicing only until the template prepared by the web developers IdoSell is used. You have a safe base to which you can always come back, as well as a full support of an experienced team. You also control the implementation time and budget.

  5. Template version prepared entirely by IdoSell

  6. In this version, our specialists introduce changes to the template. The changes determined by both parties preceded by the valuation in the time & material mode are prepared by a team of professionals or the selection of a timely implementation package. Our experience gives you comfort and the certainty of completing the implementation successfully. You also get a guarantee of of the prepared template code quality throughout the period of its use within our system. A particularly recommended form of implementing a new store or redesign are implementation packages, in which you retain control over the budget, they are supervised by the Project Manager and guarantee launching a properly functioning store.

    Any kind of additional template improvements that will appear during our cooperation are also prepared by our team of professionals on the basis of time&material settlements - you pay only for the actual time spent on the order in accordance with the agreed hourly rate. In addition, you gain service for the entire time of using the template. We guarantee the correctness of the template and its elements in the scope determined before implementation. This version also allows you to make minor modifications in the template, thanks to the availability of a dedicated tool for editing texts, graphics and CSS.

Which version to choose and why it should be the version prepared entirely by IdoSell

If you want to quickly, efficiently and seamlessly enter your own version of the template, and do not want to participate in and solve problems in the field of web development, we recommend the third option, namely when the template version is prepared entirely by IdoSell.
Our specialists will guide you throughout the implementation process - from the stage of arrangements, where the scope of changes will be specified in detail, to the stage of designing, coding and configuration of the template in the administration panel. By commissioning works to our specialists, you can be sure that you will receive the ready-to-use product of the highest quality. Our implementations are distinguished by individual approach and comprehensive care.

The main advantage of creating a template with IdoSell specialists over Smarty, is the speed of implementation and knowledge. We have a proprietary work environment and tools that significantly accelerate work on the elements of the store. An additional advantage is the knowledge of our employees, thanks to which we can prepare the ordered work quickly, accurately and inexpensively. Knowing the specification of individual store mechanisms, we can focus on better execution of the ordered changes with the certainty that our solutions will be 100% compatible with the system.
It's safe to say that developing a template by IdoSell is 3x faster than in Smarty.
Achieving a similar level of speed and precision while working on Smarty is difficult and requires tremendous knowledge and experience from committed web developers.

The main advantages of preparing a template by IdoSell specialists:

  • A team of specialists experienced in template design, knowing what sells and what does not and what elements will cause problems in use or efficiency
  • Guarantee of completing the shop within the implementation package - we allocate and re-allocate hours during the project, so that within the established budget a functioning store is created.
  • Expected date of completing works in line with the current order queue. The purchase of individual hours may slightly increase this time.
  • Project Manager - one person identified by name and surname will watch over all the works and deliver the store within the agreed time and scope.
  • Priority implementation of additional works if you find that something is crucial to launch your store
  • Lower price of working hours than purchased independently
  • Up to 10% of the hourly budget is free for project management and communication.
Prepare an online store with IdoSell

I already have a template in Smarty and I want to introduce some changes

In case the template has already been created in Smarty, and there is a need to modify it, you can commission it to our team. Prior to the start, the scope of works is determined by both parties, the valuation of which is carried out in the time & material mode. After installation, the assigned person from our team will also make sure that the changes were introduced correctly. If you want, you can also order recreating the functionality you created yourself - it will be introduced to the template by our specialists in our technology. You can also order a redesign and build the store from scratch in our technology. You can constantly work on your store, adapting it to your and your clients' needs.

Warranty for ordered services

If you have commissioned works to our specialists, you are entitled to a warranty to the extent that was determined during the valuation phase.
In case of changes within the system (so-called backend) that may occur in the future, for example, the method of calculating the promotional price, these are changes going beyond this type of work and are not covered by the warranty.
If such changes are observed, they should be reported via ticket, then the range will be estimated and the valuation of the components adjustment in the template will be given.

When deciding to implement your dream store template, it is worth taking into account the knowledge and professionalism of the IdoSell web developers team. By ordering works to our specialists, you get double - in addition to a great and professionally prepared store, you also can be assured that our specialists watch over the usability and the efficiency of your store. By cooperating with us, you are surrounded by the care of professionals.