Adding new subpages and managing their content - all about our CMS editor

If you want to add or edit text on your shop pages, add company contact details, acquaint your customers with your shop terms and conditions, show him your special offers - this function is just for you!

A need to publish texts and other materials - sometimes not directly related to sold products - often emerges. These materials are usually a consecution of peremptory rules of law or customer care. These texts can be: manuals, maintenance guidelines, information on shop Privacy Policy, affiliate program, order handling process or maybe just the company history, description or pictures.

To allow you to add these contents on your shop page, we have created the CMS editor mechanism.

Content management system (CMS) - as its name indicates - is a function, that allows to quickly and easily add and manage contents of selected subpages in store. Managing is creation of content and saving it in one of 6 available types of pages:

  • CMS fields displayed on shop pages (Include),
  • Company pages (About),
  • Rules (Terms),
  • Help (Help),
  • Additional information (Info),
  • Links (Links).

Each of these chapters holds a list of CMS subpages. Every of them can be edited in two ways:

  • edit in shop - you will be transferred to a shop mask to enter text there,
  • edit in panel - edition window in panel will show up and you will be able to enter text into it.

More about pages:

CMS fields displayed on shop pages (Include)

This option can be found in MODERATION / Creating subpages and their content management (CMS editor). It can prove useful, if you want to add important information to system shop pages.

You will notice a list of CMS fields, that can be edited directly in the shop mask.

When you make changes on CMS subpage, a blue marker will show up informing about modification and its last author.

This function does not allow for neither adding new field to this list nor its removing.

Company pages (About)

You can add subpages concerning your company operations - i.e. About us, Company history etc. You can add any number of CMS pages.

Rules (Terms)

You can add pages concerning terms and conditions and commitments that should apply to both you and your customers. Such pages can be: Shop terms and conditions, Special offer rules, Information about delivery costs, Delivery times etc. These are information, that will surely interest your customer and will make him feel more comfortable in your store.
You can also add any number of subpages here.

Help (Help)

Here you can create pages concerning help matters - i.e. How to place order, How to choose appropriate size, How can I contact shop staff etc.
You can also add any number of pages here.

Additional information (Info)

Here you can add pages, that will be displayed in INFORMATION section of shop mask. We do not have to add again, that you can create any number of such pages.

Links (Links)

You can create any number of other CMS subpages, not directly related to any other aforementioned topic.

Frequently asked questions concerning CMS fields edition

What can be a reason of not displaying Google map in its original size?

When you paste code to editor, the system cuts off height and width attributes from iframe marker. Solution to this problem is to use the CSS style with proper parameters, i.e.:

iframe style="width: 640px; height: 480px;" src="

Why tables copied from Microsoft Excel to product long description do not have borders after saving changes?

It is a result of cutting off styles in a way between Excel and Internet browser. Solution to this is to use HTML editor, copy HTML source and paste it to shop panel.

Where can I add additional text on Contact page?

Additional text on contact page can be entered in MODERATION / Creating subpages and their content management (CMS editor) / CMS fields displayed on shop pages / Additional text on contact page.