IdoSell Shop saves precious work time of your employees

Do you get the impression that you are doing the same work over and over again?
It is time to change your on-line store management system to a new one. Such a system should allow you to focus on selling, not on handling orders! Start sending information automatically via e-mail and SMS or print any sales documents faster and easier than even before!

Time is money. Saving money is a good quality, so time saving should be the same! Start saving your time.

We are aware that you would like to pay once and have the impression that the entire system belongs exclusively to you, because you have purchased it. We know that our competitors are using such arguments. We prefer a long-term cooperation with our clients. We always try to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way. What's more, we want to create the perfect IdoSell Shop working environment in full cooperation with them. We know that you will cooperate with us as long as we are better than our competitors.

We are also aware that company's income is the result of an equation in which earnings are reduced by expenses. Labor costs are regarded as the biggest expenses. The main goal we set to ourselves when developing IdoSell Shop, is to minimize the time spent on handling an order or performing stock operations. Our clients confirm that IdoSell Shop saves 80% of the entire work time!

Savings result from:
  1. Automatic notifications for customers and passing many order-placing operations - such as selecting payment method, deliverer, product color and size - to a customer;
  2. Automatic flow of information about ordered products that have to be delivered directly from suppliers, such as wholesalers;
  3. Automatic and integrated stock management. You just need to enter the details of delivery and IdoSell Shop will do the rest - manage the entire stock and all necessary processes;
  4. Unique technology of IdoSell Shop multiple order handling - you can link many functions - such as: items collection, printings, delivery, payments - into automated tasks. Instead of clicking 100 times to print a receipt for one order, you click once and the system simultaneously generates 100 receipts to print;
  5. Update of all information on your offer with use of CSV file or group editing tool (it allows to enter the changes to a large amount of product items at once);
  6. Printing of all the necessary documents, such as fiscal receipts, invoice documents (commercial invoice, VAT invoice, pro forma invoice), lists of products including many different information etc.
In addition, you save work time not only on orders handling, but also:
  1. No more downtime resulting from search of a company that will remove defects or modify website graphics or layout. Because the system is maintained by us, repair and modification works are instantly performed. Even when we currently perform some changes (i.e. redesign process), they do not interfere in on-line store usability - even if someone has already started an order-placing process;
  2. No extra expenditures on hosting - all hosting services are included in the subscription fee. Achieving greater efficiency requires higher expenditures on hardware development. Companies that do not keep applications on their servers, develop them unoptimized. Remember, if you pay once and you do not use the producer's server, he is no more interested in efficient functioning of the software - you are obliged to care for the software efficiency and compatibility on your own. If an on-line store exists a little bit longer, you are forced to lease or buy very powerful and expensive dedicated servers. With no doubt it means higher expenses. By paying a subscription fee to us, you can focus only on sales and let us provide the most capable software;
  3. Efficient utilization of all IdoSell Shop features. Do not worry, if you do not know how to use some of the Administration Panel's tools - you can contact our Support Department anytime you want. Our support is available to all of your employees (Administration Panel users) and is also included in the subscription plan fee;
  4. No need to order additional modules, such as: tools for suggesting a product, tools supporting on-line payments, tools to post reviews to particular product. It requires additional investments in integration of these modules. It often happens that modules developed by different companies do not cooperate with other software components very well. Our modules are available immediately, without installation, so you can start using them at once and make money;
  5. Lower cost of maintenance works. Our on-line stores are maintained by programmers and designers who created them, so you can quickly order any modifications - it means lower costs. Moreover, you get a tool of higher quality and full warranty on all of its functionalities.