IAI Company efficient development strategy

Learn about our plans for the future and let be persuaded to invest in them.

Management Board has the specified development strategy which implementation goal is to significantly increase the Company value. Development plans are regularly reviewed and adapted to rapidly changing situations.

The Company constantly works on new functionalities, improvements in IdoSell.com e-commerce platform and on additional applications. Intense and efficient R&D works provide an important IAI competitive advantage.

To improve coverage in Poland

The Company anticipates that it will support at least 4,000 stores in Poland in 5 years. This number should translate into a 50% interest in e-commerce market.

IAI has been appreciated by customers for a past few years - a comprehensive portfolio of customer subscriptions is rapidly growing. Offering constantly developed and the best solution on the market, the Company is much ahead of the competition. Due to scale effect, which takes place in the cost management in the supply of SaaS services, the individual-offered price of those services can be very low.

A wide range of IdoSell.com software applications allows to acquire customers of any branch and size. The company systematically records increase in number of orders for additional stores and keeps increased expenditure on marketing to maintain this trend.

Introducing innovative solutions also promotes the positive publicity around the IAI-Shop.com and the IdoSell.com.

International Expansion

Company intention is to bring the experience - acquired through know-how based on five years of running a business in Poland, based on SAAS and Agile models - to specific foreign markets. Technological development center will remain in Poland. Poland will be still operated by the Company directly. It will provide access to market information and will allow to coordinate the development of a coherent system for all markets.

Model of expansion into foreign markets is based on the creation of a group of spin-off companies in each market. Due to language and cultural barriers, the Company wants to find a partner in every country. The shareholders of the companies will be the local partners - who know the realities of the Internet market in the specified country - and IAI. Local partners will raise the capital needed for operating activities of the spin-off companies and knowledge of local market, and the Company will provide the brand, know-how in running a business and the necessary technology. Local partners will be responsible for operational activities in a given market, whereas the Company will focus on control, counseling and technological development. The Company plans to finance this investment with funds obtained from the sales of C series shares.

IAI Genes replication model - IAI expansion into foreign markets schematics

In general idea, every spin-off company will be controlled by the Company, but will not be dependent on other spin-offs in other countries. The possible failure of one company does not entail any trouble to the rest. The success of each individual spin-off will raise the value of the entire group of which the most important is its central part, the IAI Co. in Poland.

The economic benefits from spin-offs will be drawn in a form of charges for maintenance works - that Company will perform on their behalf - and dividends. This will secure the ongoing funding for further system development and the profits will be transfered to the IAI Co., contributing positively to its financial results.

The Company aims at establishing at least three foreign companies - that should become profitable in four years - until the end of 2015. This four-years-long timeline has been designated because of the Company's own experience and history. In six years the Company wants to have spin-offs in most European Union countries. First, the company will look for partners in the largest European markets, namely Great Britain, Germany and France. However, the apparent strong interest in the Company's services - coming from various European countries - means that pre-opening spin-offs in other EU countries is not excluded. At the moment, however, the above-mentioned three largest markets remain top priority.