IAI Shareholders

We would like to present the number of IAI shares and their series.

IAI Company shareholder structure ia following:

Only shares of C Series are available in the public turnover on NewConnect.

Shareholders of nominal capital

A Series B Series C Series number Percentage share
Paweł Fornalski 4893750 543750 0 5437500 66,67%
Sebastian Muliński 1856250 206250 0 2062500 25,29%
Rest of Shareholders 0 0 656235 656235 8,05%
Total 6750000 750000 656235 8156235 100,00%

Votes structure at AGM

A Series shares are titular and vote-privileged in a 2:1 ratio. Therefore, the structure of the votes at the AGM is following:

Votes at AGM Percentage share
Paweł Fornalski 10331250 69,31%
Sebastian Muliński 3918750 26,29%
Rest of Shareholders 656235 4,40%
Total 14906235 100%

Due to the introduction of C Series shares to the Alternative Trading System, the dominant shareholders of the IAI Company - Paweł Fornalski (CEO) and Sebastian Muliński (COO) - with respectively 66.67% and 25.29% of the nominal capital, made the commitments on the temporary exclusion of transferability of all IAI shares previously owned. The shareholders listed above have undertaken an oath that until 30 September 2012 they will neither enter, close nor make any agreements that apply to disposal or encumbrance of any of their shares of A and B Series.