IAI Company financial forecasts for coming years

Here you can find the financial forecast that was prepared in 2009.

10 November 2010: IAI Company current forecasts

Updated financial projections are given below:

  1. Year 2010 - Sale revenue of 3.2 million zlotys, the net income of 20 thousand zł,
  2. Year 2011 - Sale revenue of 6.5 million zlotys, the net income of 500 thousand zł.

The Board also kindly informs about the resignation of the EBITDA methodology, that was used for forecasts in the Information Document.

Keeping in mind that financial information is extremely important to investors and analysts, we have collected quarterly financial data in one file, to help you assess our condition and financial results.


More information on forecasts and a description of the reasons for changes in expected earnings can be found in the current report of 10 November 2010

13 August 2010: Management Board commentary to the projections specified above is included in IAI Company Quarterly Report for the second quarter of 2010 published on 13 August 2010:

On 30 June 2010 the Company has supported more than 800 stores. Pace of ordering new stores and the Company's performance in providing assistance to these contracts is still growing. Constant works on preparations for foreign expansion and enlarging influence on the Polish market are conducted.

Revenues of IAI-Shop.com Service brought to the Company in the second quarter of 2010 were 54% higher than in the corresponding period of last year. Management sees the growing satisfaction of existing customers and increasing demand for services from new customers.

Analyzing the financial and sales data after the first half of 2010, the Board believes that achieving the level of sales revenues and number of stores supported, presented in the Information Document, is real. Sales data, particularly growth in the number of supported stores that can be observed in the second and early third quarter, suggests that revenues for the end of 2010 may be similar to the predicted value and the number of supported stores will be higher than forecast in the Information Document. Predicted net profit and EBITA for the year 2010 - with high certainty - will not be obtained.

The reason for the profitability lower than expected is to implement is a Company strategy assuming freezing and lowering the prices for certain services and further investing in new work-places. Management - seeing possibilities for quicker investing in Company safe financial position - has taken decisive steps and increased employment. The objectives of this strategy are to maintain high growth rate of increasing participation in the Polish market and the rapid and effective implementation of entry into foreign markets.

Company's capital reserves allow a secure implementation of this strategy and - according to the Board - will lead to the elimination of competition and further strengthening the IAI position as one of the market leaders. By lowering and freezing prices the Company has already successfully secured its position from the competition and acquired many new prospective customers, whose demand for services offered by the Company - according to the Board - will increase in a short time, which should translate into increased profitability.

16 December 2009 - projections of selected Company's financial data for the years 2010-2013 originally presented in the Information Document.

During preparations of the financial projections, we used the estimated sales revenues, assessed by the IAI Management Board of, with the assumption of emission goals completion - namely transferring technology to foreign markets and selling it in the local language through spin-off companies in Germany, Britain and France.

Economic profits from spin-offs will be provide from charges for service works provided by the Company and dividends.

Data in thousands of zlotys.

Year 2010 2011 2012 2013
Sales revenues 4 486 7 053 9 697 12 373
EBITDA 1 643 3 460 5 442 7 102
Net income 1 249 2 704 4 304 5 648