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One of the main principles of the IAI company is information transparency and availability. This is why we are so eager to answer all your questions.

Contact for investors

  • Sebastian Muliński - IAI debut on NewConnect

If you have any questions about investment information published by the Company, please contact:

Sebastian Muliński, COO and founder of the IAI Company


If you want to send us a fax:, make it the number +44 203 5196 352. Fax service is implemented as fax2email service and it will be delivered to corporate e-mail address

We would like to remind you that the current - usually less formal, but also very interesting - information about the IAI can be traced on the Facebook website. We would like to invite you to become a IAI fan and participate in our community.

Principles of Corporate Governance
The Company pursues an active information policy by corporate governance rules employed on NewConnect. Please refer to our principles of corporate governance: