IAI S.A., a Polish company, wins the international PayPal Influencers Contest

IAI S.A., the operator of IdoSell Shop won the international PayPal Influencers Contest, confirming its position as a big player in the international European internet sales market and an important PayPal partner in this part of the world. For the first time in its history, the contest was opened to Polish IT companies. The aim for each contestant was to obtain the highest possible number of PayPal merchant accounts.

The contest was open to entrants from 21 European countries, who base their business around system integration solutions. The European edition took place after a successful, local contest organized in Spain. The aim of the contest was to support a healthy competition amongst e-commerce companies and to inspire new companies to begin international sales.

The Influencers Contest took place in Poland and 20 other European markets. The aim was simple – to provide a professional environment for specialists to not only let them compete against each other but also evaluate their own influence in the ecommerce business. This year, IAI S.A. provided innovative, efficient, easy and secure methods of transactions for clients within Central and Eastern Europe. - says Matt Komorowski, Head of Sales for Eastern and Central Europe at PayPal.

Pictured – Matt Komorowski Head of Sales for Eastern and Central Europe at PayPal

The contest took place between 9 February and 20 August 2015. It was focused on ecommerce companies, as it is mostly online shops and marketplaces that make use of PayPal payments.

We have been investing in innovative solutions, helping our clients grow their international sales. We can see a growing number of clients who want to expand internationally and we provide them with advanced tools to do just that. IdoSell Shop and PayPal are two great technologies which allow for seamless support of international customers, from start to end. We are very proud to be winners of the 2015 Influencers Contest. - says Igor Podgórski, Marketing Manager at IAI S.A.

The contest was won by IAI S.A., the operator of IdoSell Shop – an ecommerce solution that supports international sales and provides modern mobile services. IdoSell Shop is used by almost 4000 companies. Available in 203 markets, PayPal is a worldwide system for transferring payments in over 100 currencies. It allows for depositing funds into bank accounts in 57 currencies, and supports own balances in 26 currencies. PayPal also offers mobile payments. Currently, it is used by over 162 million clients. That is why IdoSell Shop and PayPal are a great choice when planning international expansion for an online store.

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About IAI S.A.

IAI S.A. has existed since the year 2000, and entered the NewConnect stock exchange in 2009. IAI specializes in providing solutions for conducting internet sales. There are currently 2 systems on offer. The first, IdoSell Shop, also known in Poland as IAI-Shop.com, is an ecommerce solution for professional online merchants and wholesalers. Since 2013, IAI offers another system – IdoSell Booking, which is an innovative tool for managing online reservations for small to medium hotels, apartments, etc. IAI employs over 100 people and grows dynamically, which is supported by the fact that it has been placed on the Deloitte Technology Fast50 list of the fastest growing European businesses four years in a row. In 2015 it was also awarder the Ekomers 2015 for the best ecommerce platform in the country.

IdoSell Shop, offered as a SaaS solution, is the leader on the Polish ecommerce market, with over 3000 shops that generate over £500m in annual revenues. The system supports sales through a dedicated internet shop, online marketplaces, Social Media and mobile channels. Additionally, in a true omnichannel fashion, it provides dedicated tools for offline sales in brick & mortar outlets.

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