IdoSell Partner Program - Silver

If you are content with our cooperation, you can earn money for recommending us and becoming a technical support for IAI clients. This will grant you much higher commissions.

IAI Company affiliate program Silver Level of Affiliate Program is the second level of official cooperation with IAI Company in recommending it's services.

The company, which has such certificate, has signed a cooperation agreement and applies to it's guidelines for recommending our services. Price for services is exactly the same on both our side and the side of our partner (and if our services are recommended by him). In return, the partner company receives from us a commission from all of your payments. If our services have been instructed by the Bronze partner, you are not obligated to make any contributions to him. He will receive his commission from us. Due to this fact, if our services are recommended by partner company, please mention this fact when ordering a shop or use the recommendation links included on it's website. You can honor - in this way - it's effort and costs incurred in recommending our services process.

In addition, Silver partners can become technical support specifically chosen by you. This means that the company will become your primary contact for technical issues. The extent of services and support price may vary depending on the range and language of services offered by partners. After ordering the service, if you want to change Support team, you can always - at any time and without charge - change the company that will be your support. You'll find more information on technical support and it's prices on a partner website or through direct contact.

If you would like to become our partner, please register or sign in. On this page you will be able to see the broader range of information on the forms and principles of cooperation within the Affiliate Program.