Awards and honourable mentions


  • IdoSell Shop won Forbes Diamonds 2018 award

IdoSell Shop was included on the list of the most dynamically developing enterprises in Poland - Forbes Diamonds 2018 for the second time (earlier in 2016). We achieved this thanks to the systematic development of IdoSell Shop and IdoSell Booking services, which translate into increase in revenues and profits.

This award confirms that systematic work brings tangible results, and good cooperation with our customers, investors, partners and employees builds the value of our services, and thus the company itself. Thanks to this, we can grow dynamically.


  • IdoSell Shop achieved a prestigious Premium Google Partner title

Premium Google Partner is a prestigious title awarded to companies for their skills and knowledge in the field of AdWords. The Partner title is awarded after meeting a number of conditions, such as demonstrating employees' knowledge and presenting the results of revenue growth or the ability to maintain and expand the customer base. This means that our customers receive the best service possible, provided by specialists. We are the first and currently the only system of online stores that has been awarded with this title.

As part of close cooperation with Google, year 2017 was also the time of dynamic development of IAI Ads - a system that provides traffic to online stores.


  • Forbes Diamonds 2016 – we have achieved this through the continuous development of (IdoSell Shop) and IdoSell Booking services, which increase our incomes and profits.

Forbes Diamonds are based on the Swiss method of valuation - the pace of the estimated value growth is analyzed. However, it is worth to mention that such a method is not favorable for the IT sector, since IT companies often do not have significant fixed assets. We are very grateful for the award, as it manifests the systematic development of our services, as well as the company itself, achieved thanks to our customers, investors, partners and employees.


  • Ekomersy 2015 – the first place in the Shop Platform category and the fifth place in the Company Supporting International Expansion of Online Stores category

Ekomersy is the biggest Polish yearly event for e-commerce companies. We took part in Shop Platform and Company Supporting international Expansion of Online Stores categories. During the online voting we outclassed our competitors by receiving the biggest number of votes. The second stage involved the evaluation by professionals and the independent jury. Thanks to their decision we took the first place in the category of the Shop Platform and the fifth place in the category of the Company Supporting International Expansion of Online Stores.

  • "Równa firma" award

"Równa Firma" is the prize awarded by students and new employees of The Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Szczecin. The main goal of the plebiscite is to promote CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and companies implementing this philosophy on the daily basis. We are honoured to be among the prize-winners and we promise to follow this path in the future.


  • Prestigious Fast500 EMEA ranking

Fast500 EMEA means a summary and the development of local Fast50 CEE rankings which include the best European, Middle Eastern and African companies. Thus, we often deal with companies having the access to a bigger capital, wealthier customers and a bigger market. Yet, we appeared in the ranking for the fist time in 2012, now taking a higher position.

  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50Central Europe 2014 laureate

Our company becomes Deloitte Technology Fast50 CEE laureate every year – it's almost our tradition. We took 29th position among 22 Polish companies in 15Th edition of the ranking, which featured the most rapidly developing companies from the Middle and the Eastern Europe.

  • Business Report „IT market leaders”

Gazeta Finansowa created a ranking of the 100 best IT and Telecommunication companies. IAI took the 96th position. We are proud to be included in a such ennobled ranking. We are achieving a whole different level since we are now among the best. It's worth to mention that the first 3 positions were taken by popular mobile network operators.

  • Ekomersy 2014 nomination

Ekomersy awards are important for companies offering products and services for online sellers. It is the prize for companies constantly facilitating their products, having a vision on how to develop the e-commerce market. Thus, our nomination was not just a mere formality.
We were again nominated for the exceptional input into the e-commerce development – Paweł Fornalski and for the best online shop platform -

  • Good Brand 2014

IAI S.A. was awarded with „Dobra Marka – Jakość, Zaufanie, Renoma” (“Good Brand – Quality, Trust, Reputation”) prize. The prize is given to the most promising and growing companies on the Polish market. Business Forum and Business Trends editorial board, under the auspices of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, for the fifth time made a research to determine the value, activity and recognizability of the brands in given categories. The analysis included e.g. - market position of the brand and its strength, the quality of a given service, as well as the level of customer trust. The main goal of the program is to help in choosing the best, the most renown and trust-worthy brand in particular business branches.

The award is thus the confirmation of the quality of our services, but also expresses the level of customer trust and our brand being renown.

  • The Economic Award of the President of Szczecin – The Compass of the Year, cat. The Innovation of the Year

Only half a year after releasing IdoSell Booking, we were nominated to one of the most important and prestigious awards in our region. 38 companies applied to 4 different categories, while only 3, including us, got through the final. The criterion for ''Innovation of the Year” was to work out or implement an innovative solution in order to increase the competitiveness on the market. We find the very nomination extremely important, since the innovation and usability of IdoSell Booking was appreciated by the chapter house almost immediately.


  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50Central Europe 2013

On 28th October 2013, IAI S.A. was listed in Deloitte Technology Fast 50Central Europe 2013 for the third time. Among 50 finalists only 13 of them were included for the third time (or more). 22 companies were debutants and achieved the first 10 ranks. We are proud to be ranked on the 41st position. IAI S.A. is the only East-Central service available in SaaS model which is included in Deloitte Technology Fast 50Central Europe. IAI is a secure, stable and effective partner, a real leader in its business.

  • Promotion to the 2nd stage of The 6th edition of the GOLDEN WEBSITE

On 4th February 2013 IAI S.A. was qualified to the 2nd stage of the 6th edition of the Golden Website, a competition for the best webpage of a joint-stock company. IAI S.A. was among 11 companies from 405 listed on NewConnect stock exchange. Main criteria were: visibility of information, content, communication with investors, communication innovation, intuitiveness, ergonomics, compliance with navigation rules, correctness of applied technologies, a website aesthetics, individual investors' opinions, institutional investors' opinions, foreign investors' opinions.


  • A debut in Deloitte Fast500 EMEA

On 30th November 2012 Deloitte announced the results of the Fast500 EMEA, the ranking including countries of Europe, Middle East and Africa, in which IAI S.A. had its debut. It is more prestigious ranking than Fast50 ranking for only Central European countries in which our company had already been mentioned. In order to be taken under consideration in Deloitte Fast500 EMEA it is not enough to be a laureate of Fast50. In 2012, companies were required to have an income of at least 50 000 EUR in 2007 and at least 800 000 EUR in 2011. Moreover, strongly co-financed companies or the ones founded by giants are excluded from the ranking. Therefore, it is even bigger success of IAI S.A. Team.

  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2012 laureate

Second year in a row, IAI S.A. was listed among laureats in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for Central and Eastern Europe. Our success was caused by over quintuple income increase from 2007 to 2011. Paradoxically, in the ranking which takes under consideration income increase, it is easier to make a debut than to keep a position. In every upcoming year we need to pertain to better results achieved in the past. On the background of hundreds of Polish and European companies, IAI S.A. has increased its income what granted us this honourable mention. It is a proof of fast and sure development of our company.

  • Ekomersy 2012 – Nomination in the category: The Best Online Shop Platform.

In 2012 a service of IAI S.A. - (Polish equivalent of IdoSell Shop) was nominated to Ekomers award in the category The Best Online Shop Platform. The is an honourable mention for the companies offering products and services connected with online sale. It is even more prestigious as the titles are granted by customers using the services in everyday life, conducting businesses using particular services and developing their shops thanks to the nominated products.


  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for Central Europe 2011 laureate

In 2011, IAI S.A. was listed among laureats of the 12th edition of the prestigious ranking Deloitte Technology Fast 50. IAI was given the 14th position among companies from thirteen different Central European countries, and the 7th position in Poland. Organizers gave credit to our development strategy thanks to which within the period of five years (2006-2011) the company has grown by 1008%. This honourable mention confirms a successful business model of our company on the background of hundreds European companies.


  • Laureate of West Pomeranian Voivodeship Marshal Economic Award in the category: the Service of the Year

Exactly a year after nomination in the same category, IAI S.A. became a laureate of the Service of the Year 2010. The prize was given for an innovative character of (Polish equivalent of IdoSell Shop), its influence on the region's economy and for the dynamic growth. The contest is one of the oldest economic contests and it is conducted under the Ministry of Economy. Therefore, all companies taking part in the contest had been scrupulously examined in the terms of finances, accountancy and taxes. It proves that IAI S.A. apart from providing an innovative services like IdoSell Shop also fulfills the highest quality and safety standards in the terms of a company management.

  • Laureate of the Economic Award from the President of Szczecin “Small Entrepreneur”

In May 2011, IAI S.A. received a main award in the category Small Entrepreneur (employing less than 50 full time workers). The winners were selected by a fifteen-person-jury chosen by the President of Szczecin. Not only were they politicians but also representatives of economic and academic backgrounds.


  • Laureate of the Economic Award from the President of Szczecin “Special Award”

IAI S.A. received a main award in the category the Special Economic Award of the President of Szczecin. The president awards this title for outstanding achievements connected with our city. It was given to IAI S.A. for being the inspiration for other companies to enter the stock market and NewConnect.

  • Business Pearls 2009 – honourable mention in the category: Economic Event

IAI S.A. received a significant honourable mention in the 6th edition of Business Pearls organized by the editorial board of the magazine “Świat Biznesu” (trans. Business World). This time IAI S.A. was nominated in the category Economic Event for “coming back of the companies from Szczecin to the stock market.” It was connected with a successful debut of our company on NewConnect.

  • An honourable mention in the Economic Contest of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship Marshal, category: Service of the Year

The contest of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship Marshal is one of the oldest economic contests in our region. It aims at highlighting the best companies, institutions, initiatives and individuals from various branches. A jury chose 15 candidates in 5 categories from 53 applications. The candidates were promoted to the 2nd stage of the contest. (Polish equivalent of IdoSell Shop) was listed among the candidates.


  • An nomination for the Economic Award from the President of Szczecin “Small Entrepreneur”

In 2008 IAI S.A. participated in the contest for the Economic Award from the President of Szczecin for the first time. The award is the most prestigious honourable mention in our region. IAI was among 3 finalist of the contest.