About IAI S.A.

We are one of the leading ecommerce solution providers in Europe, on the market since 2000.

Our clients comprise of online shops (B2C) and wholesalers (B2B). We provide them with IdoSell Shop, a SaaS ecommerce solution, free software updates, stable hardware infrastructure, technical support, training and additional services. We excel at designing and implementing beautiful online shop websites thanks to our own, constantly growing department of experienced web developers.

We also offer solutions for hotels, hospitality industry, car rental services, and other businesses that rely on providing accommodation and daily reservations. In 2013 we introduced IdoSell Booking, a SaaS solution for managing reservations on a website, accepting payments and connecting with OTA services (e.g. Booking.com). We also offer complete web design services to IdoSell Booking clients and host their websites on our servers.

Who works at IAI S.A.?

Our company currently employs over 100 full-time professionals, who work in our modern, over 1000 square meters office space:

  • PHP developers
  • Windows developers
  • Graphical designers
  • Frontend developers
  • Data analysts
  • Testers
  • Support consultants
  • Sales and implementation consultants
  • Brand awareness and marketing managers

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