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We developed tickets, as a convenient way of contacting the clients, to facilitate communication in various matters. The greatest advantage of ticketing system is that it enables tracing the course of works and services being performed. It also helps to smoothly and accurately describe a given problem.

IdoSell Booking tickets are a unique way in which we help our clients. They are always on hand in your Customer Service Center.

If you already use IdoSell Booking and you:

  • have some doubts or something is unclear to you,
  • have spotted some bug and you would like to report it,
  • find some function in the administrative panel difficult,

to send a ticket all you need is just one click!

Describe a matter you would like to bring up in a new window. The ticket will be registered in the central help system and directed to a person who we think will solve your problem best. You can be sure that your case will never disappear, because we mark resolved and unresolved tickets differently.

You are informed about the progress in works and answers in the same place and, what is more, you receive an e-mail. If the tickets were created by your employees, you would be able to see with what cases they turned to us and get involved in a problem-solving process.

Important information for clients using our ticketing system:
Please bear in mind that despite our numerous consultants, answering phone calls is their priority. That is why, if you wish to receive an immediate answer, we kindly advise you to use the helpline. Although tickets are registered 24 hours a day, please remember that you will receive the answers to noncritical tickets on working days, in the working hours of our consultants.