Integration with is positively a force to be reckoned with. Every day, over 650.00 reservations are made via this service. It's a chance to bring you closer to customers from all over the world – is available in 42 languages and offers over 500.000 accommodation in 260 countries. From 5-stars hotels to small and comfy guest houses – everybody can find something for themselves on

Channel Manager lets you easily control availability and prices in global booking services, like Whenever and wherever a reservation for your accommodation is made, the system automatically sends an update to and other services.

What's in it for you?

Forget about overbooking – automatically reduce availability whenever a reservation is made in one of your sales channels

Maximize revenue - simultaneously sell all available rooms through different channels

Control availability and prices in one place

Instantly update client details from reservations to IdoSell Booking

Manage objects with different IDs in from one panel

No need to regularly check Extranet = less logins and passwords to remember

bezpieczeństwo rezerwacji

Secure online payments – IdoSell Booking complies with PCI DSS – international security standard regarding online transactions. It guarantees secure processing of credit card details from reservations. Learn more from Security in managing online reservations with IdoSell Booking.

Feel free to get in touch with our Sales and Customer Service Department to switch on the integration with You can find more details on How to start the integration?.

IdoSell Booking have status Booking Premiere Connectivity Partner