How to connect with Airbnb via IdoSell?

Learn how to set up a direct connection with Airbnb via IdoSell.

Real time connection with Airbnb

We are pleased to announce that we offer a real-time, two-way connection with [/pl/booking/blog/channel-manager-latwe-zarzadzanie-ota-1235326321 Airbnb] via our Channel Manager.

If you are interested in enabling this type of connection, please contact IdoBooking Support and request the advanced integration with Airbnb. We'll show you, step by step, how to set it up and syn availability, prices and reservation details.

iCal synchronization

Learn how to set up the iCal synchronization with Airbnb. Please bear in mind that his connection type has its limitations — the availability is updated every one hour and only some reservation details can be synced.

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