We are happy to welcome you as our new customer at IdoSell Booking

Thank you for ordering the IdoSell Booking system for your company.

During the 30-day trial period (starting now), you can enjoy the IdoSell Booking accommodation booking system features. Start selling accommodation through your own websites, social media, free responsive-design showcase page and accommodation-offer aggregators.

The welcome message you received contains access data for your admin panel (address, username and password). Below you can find the details you need to continue.

We follow the installation process at the deployment stage.


Your admin panel is almost empty. It doesn't contain any information.
To help you get started, we prepared a Quick Start Guide that will guide you through the first basic settings in the admin panel.


If you have problems signing in to your panel (this will prevent you from adding messages), send an email to admin@iai-sa.com. This address will be useful every time you can't use our infoline or messages.

In case of any issues with using IdoSell Booking or other post-installation problems, please review the technical support options described on the Support page. Please note that this page also contains a description of training programs on offer in a form of your choice.

Remember to read Booking News, where we inform you about key changes, plans and other IAI events.


Along with your IdoSell Booking admin panel, you received your own showcase, which will bring additional value to your accommodation facility. It will be displayed every time your customers click the link contained in reservation-status emails. This is why it is important to complete missing information here.
You can access your showcase in the admin panel under the UDOSTĘPNIJ/Udostępnij ofertę na stronie wizytówce (SHARE/Share your offer on your showcase page) tab. You need to complete some information on this page. To see how to do it, read the IdoSell Booking New User's guide.


To buy new domains, use one of the providers offering such a service. We recommend OVH (www.ovh.pl). To direct the domains you're buying or already own, provide the following information when you register a domain or change its delegation (if it's already registered):

Primary DNS: dns1.iai-system.com
Secondary DNS: dns2.iai-system.com


If you have decided to use IdoSell Booking, then fill in, print out and mail in your agreement confirmation.
You can find the agreement form (CL6) on the IdoSell Booking service agreement page.

Before you send your agreement, check the following:

  1. Whether every page is signed
  2. Whether you attached copies of the following to your agreement:
  • Entry in register (wpis do ewidencji) / Extract from National Court Register (wypis z KRS)
  • NIP (taxpayer identification number) Assignment Certificate
  • REGON (National Business Registry Number) Assignment Certificate


When the trial period expires, a pro-forma invoice will be generated in the amount of 24 PLN before tax, payable within 14 days. Paying for your subscription starts a 1-year relationship and provides access to all IdoSell Booking features.

You can top-up your balance with an amount of your choice for future commissions or other service-related fees. Every payment generates a VAT invoice.

VAT invoices for IdoSell Booking system are available for download when you sign in to your admin panel and go to the BIURO OBSŁUGI KLIENTA/ROZLICZENIA I FAKTURY (CUSTOMER SERVICE/INVOICES AND BILLING) tab. Confirm that your invoice is correct when you review it. Once you confirm the invoice, you will get a PDF duplicate to print.

Future invoices will be displayed on the same page. Please monitor your payments and balance, because missing a deadline will result in your panel being locked, or even the deletion of your booking system.
If you don't have a credit limit, remember to regularly check the balance you use to pay for services such as commissions, artwork, etc. This is why you have to monitor your balance so that it doesn't reach zero, because a zero balance will temporarily prevent your system from working.